Like a Tsarina of Unusual Spirit and Descent, Bella Adenuga Clocks 30


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Bella Adenuga-Disu can be enchantingly sweet. When she talks, her voice wafts like rose-fragrance waltzing in the wind. In such blissful moment, the beautiful daughter of the Champion, Dr. Mike Ishola Adenuga, GCON, metamorphoses into a silhouette of delightful colours captivating everyone in the path of her charm, like an old minstrel delightfully pawing at her mandolin. But Bella is no minstrel neither does she feverishly paw at the strings of any mandolin; all she has is her charm and her smile – which makes her a young woman to die for.

Yes, Belinda Adenuga, is just 30. Thus she could shake her head like the flowers in spring and let her hair glow like the fireflies that light up the fields and quiet meadows. The daughter of Globacom chairman may rejoice in decent abandon at her arrival in the extraordinary league of big 30s. Bella whose marriage to Jameel Disu remains a fairy-tale to the Nigerian society, strikes a remarkable portrait that negates the rich, spoilt bimbo stereotype. She’s got beauty and brains, and a wonderful personality to match. She is a hardworking and resilient woman who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Even as a billionaire’s daughter, Bella keeps a low-profile and avoids any form of scandal that can jeopardise her name and that of her family. She is one young lady who has matured more than her age.

It’s funny how you think the world revolves around you only to find out that you are merely a speck twirling in the fringes of its curl. Ask Segun Odegbami, the soccer legend who imagined himself as an emperor dictating the pace of his ex-fiancée, Oyin Adeyemi’s world. But soon after the latter called it quits with him, the truth dawned on Odegbami and he realised that he was hardly the charmed overlord he thought he was. As you read, the former Super Eagles star has retraced his steps from Oyin’s luxurious abode, to recoil and smart in the drudgery of the middling social divide.

Odegbami has sold his FESTAC house as he plans as relocate to Abeokuta in Ogun state. Although Odegbami deserted and practically forgot that he had a life outside the luxury, glitz and glamour that characterised his union with the StillEarth Ltd. head honcho, Oyin, he has suddenly rediscovered his groove in Abeokuta and the rustic community of Wasimi, where he reportedly runs a football academy. Oyin called it quits with him after she realised that they were growing in different ways, different directions and several miles apart.

Besides the fact that Odegbami was over 20-something years older than Oyin, the soccer legend reportedly failed to sustain the magic and spark in the heart of his woman, Oyin, years after they got engaged. He allegedly came into the relationship with too much baggage and emotional drama than Oyin could handle. That is why the latter walked out of their relationship before it became too late to do something worthwhile with her life.