Hair-raising Claims by Tosin Otubanjo


Funke Olaode

Her claim to owning the only hair loss treatment clinic in Nigeria may be challenged. But Tosin Otubanjo is not losing sleep over traducers. While you are still munching that bit of information, she raised the stake, proudly insisting that her Vinci Hair Clinic on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos is the only hair restoration clinic in Africa to offer micro scalp pigmentation treatment.

With such an ambitious assertion, it is no surprise her environment is cozy and tastefully furnished for the comfort of patients.

Otubanjo worked in the marketing communications and public relations industry for over 25 years with experience lobbying in the United Kingdom; and lately, working for Phillips, IWS and the ABI, formulating and executing their member relations strategy for the UK insurance industry.

Blessed with a glowing skin, Otubanjo is a walking testimony for her business, with a head full and bouncy hair. She told this reporter that she has never suffered hair loss and that she developed a passion for treating hair ‘along the line’.

What she did not divulge readily was that she plugged herself into an existing network in that field. Vinci Hair Clinic is part of an international group with 29 clinics in 13 countries and is spread over six continents. Clients are assured that they are dealing with experienced professionals that can draw on worldwide expertise.

“We use state-of-the-art technology and our clients receive the highest level of professionalism, and customer care. In our clinic, you will have the same experience and procedures as in our other clinics in the United States, Dubai and Europe,” she assured.

Throwing more light on her services, Otubanjo revealed that lots of men and women in Nigeria are suffering from hair loss and that is why her clinic is a one stop shop. “There is a plethora of treatments available right here in Lagos for stopping hair loss, and in some cases growing hair, for both men and women. These range from medication such as topical minoxidil and finasteride, which provide essential nutrients to boost thinning hair and right up to the only permanent solution which will make your hair grow – a hair transplant.

“Women tend to go for the hair transplants as the most common hair loss they suffer from is traction alopecia or “mama eko” syndrome. Other medical treatments include the laser cap, PRP treatment and mesotherapy. But one needs to come to the clinic for a free consultation in order for us to determine the most appropriate treatment for the individual,” she said.
For those who might be scared of the procedures, the clinic offers surgical and non-surgical procedure which is carried out in an extremely safe environment.

While most hair loss are attributed to genetics, the ‘mama eko’ syndrome in women is caused by extreme pull tension exerted by tight braiding and the damage is mainly restricted to the fringe and sides of the scalp. There are no natural causes of hair loss as hair loss can either be caused by genetic factors, diseases, infections and inappropriate hair care such as the improper use of corrosive chemical relaxers and/or the constant pulling of the hair during tight braiding or weaving sessions, resulting in a severe loss of hair around the hairline which frames the face.

Otubanjo has been in business for the past 15 months and the initial focus was to establish its operations and procedures, to hire the best staff available and embed all the well-established global processes locally in Lagos. Done with that, she started to create awareness about the clinic and this included exhibiting at Beauty Africa Exhibition last October and running a series of master classes to educate the general public about the causes of both male and female hair loss.

To make its services more broad and accommodating, Vinci Clinic launched network of partners last December where hairdressing salons and barbers told to recommend their clients suffering from hair loss for free consultation. Some high profile Vinci partners who have signed up to the affinity programme include Sari Signature, Total Beauty, K Signatures, and Apple and Oranges spa.

It has been rewarding, she said with a tone of accomplishment, and the next phase of her plan is to work with hair stylists and their clients to design hair styles which, when combined with the treatments available in the clinic, can camouflage hair loss and therefore free clients to experiment; try different hair styles and give them the freedom from wearing wigs all the time.

Speaking further on how the partners work, she says “It’s a very simple scheme whereby Vinci Hair Clinic will pay a commission to any beauty or hair care expert who recommends their clients to the Clinic, on the provision that the client subsequently undertakes a procedure/treatment. These are either on the purchase of a laser cap, an MSP or a hair transplant.

“We will also support them by providing promotional material, access to our expertise etc. Our ultimate aim is to build up a network of partners who believe in good hair care and want the best results for their clients. With just N18,000 one can visit Vinci to grow your hair back, restore your self-esteem/confidence and get the ability to try different hair styles”, she added.
So far she has posted encouraging results with people contacting her from all over the country and other African countries.