Service Providers Boost Konga e-Commerce with Kesh mPOS Solution


NIBSS’s certified mobile point of sale (mPOS) service provider, Innovectives, in conjunction with MasterCard and United Bank for Africa (UBA), have collaborated with Konga, Nigeria’s e-commerce company, to create a seamless delivery and payment system by integrating mPOS solution into Konga’s delivery system. Payments on mPOS are 100 per cent secure. It is accepted on all local and international cards.

The Kesh mPOS, which is powered by Innovectives, and supported by MasterCard and UBA will make it easier for Konga customers to pay for their orders and enhance payment acceptance while making reconciliation easy for Konga customers and sales agents.

The new mPOS will accept MasterCard, Visa and Verve cards from all banks, and it enables Konga delivery agents to easily capture sales. Other cards accepted on mPOS are UnionPay, Freedom Card and Genesis cards. Customers can also confirm payments on the spot thus improving accountability in e-commerce transactions.

Divisional Head, Digital Banking, UBA, Dr. Yinka Adedeji, explained that Konga delivery would be able to accept payments from a phone like POS terminal. “UBA is powering this with its advanced digital payments technology,” Adedeji said.

Managing Director and Chief Executive of Innovectives, Mr. Emmanuel Agha, said: “The level of e-commerce transactions conducted in Nigeria in the past three years has increased exponentially but the challenge is that 95 per cent of the transactions are pay-on-delivery, which are largely settled with cash. Our mPOS solution is designed to improve the delivery process and reduce cash handling in the entire order fulfilment process as well as make reconciliation seamless.”

He added that the company has partnered Konga and integrated the innovative payment solution because it offers Nigerians who are increasingly shopping online sheer convenience. MPOS offers a significant improvement in transparency in the way customers pay for their goods.
By the new development, Konga has adopted convenient, cutting edge and secure payment solutions to reduce cash handling and enhance the shopping experience for its customers.