Children’s Day: Glo Seeks Greater Attention for Nigerian Children


Nigeria’s data masters, Globacom, has called on stakeholders in public and private sectors, including education administrators and religious leaders to pay more attention to programmes that will secure the welfare of Nigerian children.

In its goodwill message to mark this year’s Children’s Day celebration, Globacom said such welfare programmes would equip the Nigerian children to excel in their academic pursuits and help them to do well in their adult lives.
“They are our hope and our future. We cannot but take their growth and development seriously,” Globacom opined.
The message added that, “Our children are our future, so we must take our commitment to children seriously and ensure that they are properly trained and well taken care of as we prepare them for future leadership of the Nigerian nation.”

Globacom believes that given the right environment and proper teaching techniques, the Nigerian child would excel in all disciplines as he is highly talented and endowed with the potentials to be a world-beater.
Globacom used the occasion to advise Nigerian children to imbibe the virtues of honesty and diligence, and to shun negative habits such as greed and laziness.

“We call on our children to be obedient, respectful and exhibit good virtues at home and in school. This will help them achieve their desired academic goals and give them the well-rounded development they need to become successful leaders of tomorrow,” Globacom stated.

It wished Nigerian children a successful celebration, and reaffirmed its commitment to building a network that will open the world of unlimited opportunities for “…our leaders of tomorrow. Globacom is the network for the next generation; it is your network,” the statement concluded.

Children’s Day is celebrated annually on May 27. It is recognized globally as a day to honour children. It was first proclaimed by the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in 1925 and then established universally in 1954 to protect children from working long hours in dangerous circumstances and allow all children access to education.