Former IBB Golf Club Captain Loses Mother


Lady Cecelia Nwaezekaibea Azogu, mother of former Captain of the IBB Golf Club, Tony Azogu, is no more. Lady Azogu passed away in Oguta, Imo State, on May 11, 2016. She was aged 87.

According to a statement from the Azogu family, burial rites will begin with Vigil Mass on June 3 at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Oguta.

“This shall be followed by a Burial Mass on June 4 while interment will hold same day at her No 59, Agunze Road Oguta,” observed the statement.

Azogu said of his late mother: “Mama was kind to all and she exhibited undying love for her children. She was a rallying point for about every woman in our community. I shall miss her so much. When the burial rites are over, I intend to arrange a special Golf Kitty for her. I want friends from the golfing world to know how much I really appreciate my mom.”