Ojikutu Counsels Ministers on Budget Implementation


Clement Danhutor

Former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu, has called on members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) to implement the budget recently signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari religiously in the interest of the Nigerian masses.
Speaking in Lagos, Alhaja Ojikutu counseled all the ministers to have the fear of God and work hard to improve the plight of the masses who had been subjected to poor governance over the years.

Ojikutu said a judicious implementation of the 2016 budget would lift a vast majority of Nigerians out of poverty and put the nation on the path of sustainable growth and development.

Noting that poor budget implementation, corruption and bad leadership have been the militating factors against Nigeria’s development, Ojikutu said with a new leadership under Buhari, who is reputed for his integrity and commitment to fight corruption, what was needed for the country to get out of the current economic quagmire was for all the ministers to play their own role by supporting the president.

“We have a President that has demonstrated capacity to provide leadership and tackle the hydra-headed problem of corruption. The minister also have a great role to play by supporting the President particularly in ensuring that the budget is properly implemented so that the Nigerian people can begin to feel the impact of good governance,” Ojikutu said.
The former deputy governor, who has been an advocate of good governance, noted that God loves Nigeria and endowed the nation with vast human and natural resources.

She however said some of those saddled with the responsibility of administering these resources over the years had no fear of God; thereby appropriating the commonwealth.
She warned the ministers in the current administration not to toe the path of corruption like some of their predecessors as the wrath of God is awaiting whoever wants to continue to subject Nigerians to a life of penury and hardship.