Deloitte Nigeria Advises Organisations on New Trends


Peter Uzoho

Deloitte Nigeria has identified key changes taking place globally, in both  the public and private sectors, which organisations can leverage on and  perform better.

Presenting a report of a survey conducted by Deloitte Nigeria, on the Nigeria Human Capital Trends 2016, entitled, “The New Organisation: Different by Design,” the Human Capital Consulting Partner, Deloitte Nigeria, Mr. Joseph Olofinsola, highlighted the fundamental elements of shift from the old ways of organisational structure, practice and operation as relates to human capital.

The report has over 7000 respondents spread across 140 countries of the world, including Nigeria.

Olofinsola said based on the report,  there is need to have strong sense of mission, purpose and culture, as executive bring people together by building trust, sharing information and monitoring employee commitment through an “always on” engagement process.

 It also urged organisation to create a new work place devoid of unproductive official rules, so that young and vibrant employees would be able to contribute directly to the organisation.
The report identified global top five trends in organisations and their percentages, which ought to be adopted both by the  private and public sectors. These include: organisational design (71 per cent), leadership (60 per cent), engagement (59 per cent) learning (52 per cent) and human resources (51 per cent).

However, discussing some of the findings of in the report the Country Organiser and Human Resources Director, Lafarge,  Mrs. Fidelia Osime, who spoke on the importance of  learning and improvement in the context of Nigeria’s economic setting, said: “Learning has become much more important. It is evolving and has become more practical. Learning is about coaching, mentoring and it is also about global relevance. So, here in Nigeria, the young ones want to become much more relevant globally. And they even want to be mobile, be self-employed and have their own personal career.”

On his part, the Executive Director and Country Human Resources Manager, Mobil Producing Nigeria, Mr. Udom Udoyo  said that every organisation leader should always endeavour   to maintain good employee relation, while providing a platform for them to have interactions concerning important matters of the organisation without fear.

He also urged  leaders to, while on seat, ensure that they nurture those that would take after them when they leave the scene as that is the only way there can be sustainability in  generating good  leaders.