Sunlight 2-in-1: Unilever Organises Demo Wash to Woo Consumers  


Consumers in Lagos and Abuja have experienced the fragrance in the Sunlight 2-in-1, as promoters of the brand recently took some patrons of the brand, including celebrities through a demo wash in the two cities. The Lagos event was held at the Ndubuisi Kanu Park, while the Abuja version was held at the River Plate Park.

Speaking at the event, Brand Manager, Sunlight, Ojeabuo Akhiojemi stated that the demo wash, which took place in the two cities, was an avenue for consumers to experience the new improved fragrance and cleaning capabilities of the brand. He further reassured consumers that the brand will continue to innovate to meet the needs of its consumers.

While commenting on the introduction of the new 25g and 225g packs, he said: “We are aware that Sunlight is loved by a wide range of consumers; therefore with the introduction of a 25g pack at N10 and a 225g pack at N100 we have made it affordable to meet the needs of our consumers.”

Expressing her joy on the new improved fragrance and economy pack, a Sunlight consumer, Mrs. Omobola Salisu, said: “I am particularly happy with this new improvement in fragrance and the introduction of the economy pack. This is simply getting more for less as I would be able to save more and still keep my family clean.”

The new improved Sunlight Detergent comes in 2 variants of Topical Sensation (Sunlight Pink) and Spring Sensation (Sunlight Yellow).