‘Only God Has Answers to our Problems’


Founder and President, Bible Believing Mission Incorporation, Aba, Abia State, Pastor Kingsley Innocent bares his mind on salient and burning national issues that affect the living condition of the citizens as well as his ministerial voyage so far. Mary Ekah brings excerpts  

Journey So Far
My journey so far in the course of the ministry had been quite interesting, because it is fully and divinely backed by the Almighty God of Talk-Na-Do. All I do is as the Holy Spirit directs and as I do His work, He confirms them at all times. I remain a chosen servant of The Most High God, called and anointed to carry the prophetic mandate of God of Talk-Na-Do. “God of Talk-Na-Do” simply means, that God that says a thing and it comes to pass, as in Genesis chapter 1 verse 3. “And God said, let there be light, and there was light.”I am a Bible scholar, a grounded theologian, founding president of Bible Believing Mission Inc, with its headquarters in Aba, Abia State, and branches in Port Harcourt, Owerri, Uyo, and Abuja. It is affiliated with Kingsfield Academy, which is also affiliated with Kingsfield London, Kings Theological College, etc. As the nation faces national challenges, we too, face religious challenges.

But in all these, I have remained steadfastly and strongly committed to doing the work of God, which I’m mandated by Him to do by restoring tampered human destinies, and redirecting them back to Christ. The feat and impact had been quite tremendous, which the increasing population and network of branches attest to. So, we are on a divine journey to win more souls, as directed by God, hence our new Abuja branch, which is fast growing expectedly. Aside Abuja, I am on similar journey to also open more branches, starting from Lagos for wider coverage. This will happen soon, by God’s special grace. Our services are also on-air and can be viewed worldwide while services are going on. God remains our sole backing, directing all footsteps to glory. My only secret remains this great God of Talk-Na-Do.

The Controversial Religious Bill Signed into Law by Kaduna State Governor
Nobody can stand on the way of God and that bill is an error and it cannot hold. Nigeria has grown beyond such sentimental bills and a place like Kaduna that has a large number of Christians such a thing cannot hold there. As far as I am concerned, that is a kind of distraction on the side of Christians but it will not hold. Our faith cannot be compromised, God will not allow it. That bill is ungodly and cannot hold and will never stand.

Marrying Teenage Girls and Converting Them to Islam
These are part of the end-time signs. It is very unfortunate that it is happening in our nation. The perpetrators of this wickedness will definitely suffer for it. It is destroying the fabrics of our nation, our co-existence and what holds us together as a nation. Such a thing should not be allowed and I urge the people of Nigeria, the government to stand up and fight against this in-human act of some hoodlums and those who think that they can use religious extremist to destroy our nation. A true Muslim will not do that; they are Muslim fundamentalist and they destroy the name of Islam. Both Christians and Muslims should stand in one accord and speak against this horror for it to stop. It is dehumanising and it the height of human degradation.

It is against the image of our nation and it does not portray us good outside the country. The implication is that it exposes our children to danger in future and it is corrupting our tomorrow. It has made it difficult for people from different geo-political zones to come together and associate freely. As a parent, you would not want your child to associate with some geo-political zone which you believe are partakers of this human horror. It has dangerous adverse effect on our nation and should not be allowed. Let us as a nation, stand together and fight against it collectively.

Prolonged Fuel Scarcity
Until Nigeria as a nation grows beyond selfishness and becomes nationalistic, such problem as fuel scarcity will persist. Few Nigerians are taking advantage of the situation to enrich themselves. It is a selfish thing that should not be allowed. I believe in the efforts that the federal government has taken to import more fuel into the country, which will be distributed to Nigerians, and it will have a respite for the country. I’m hopeful that God is hears the cries of Nigerians to ensure that the government will fish out those who are taking advantage of the situation to enrich themselves and once this is discovered, fuel scarcity will be a thing of the past. Very soon, we will grow past that level.

Cushioning the Effect of Change in the Country
In all honesty, change is what we needed and with the present administration in power, President Muhammadu Buhari sung the song of change, which at that time was timely and was what the nation needed and Nigerians followed suit. But at this moment, our president is rather being too slow in igniting the kind of change that Nigerians want and these are getting worse. I urge the federal government to sit up as quickly as possible to ensure that this change is realised. Our nation is hungry for the change; this was the reason we voted for him. We expected much more than what we are getting. I feel to a great extent trust his sense of judgement but this administration is too slow. Nigeria is a nation that needs immediate change and our president should sit up and do everything within his reach to bring about the expected change in reality. We have heard of the verbal change but we need something beyond that. We want to see the president turn the nation around.

It is a difficult task but it is possible and achievable. The change that we so desired should be given to us immediately because justice delayed is justice denied. We need this change as soon as possible because as it stands now, while we are hoping for the change, things are getting worst, Nigerians are getting poorer, hunger is getting hold of the people, and everything is collapsing.

I know that our president has a plan; it is high time that we left the planning room to the acting room and that is what we need now. This slowness in achieving thing has made our president to lose popularity and Nigerians are gradually becoming disappointed. Majority of Nigerians are not happy and we should not blame them for this because we have been through this suffering and smiling for a very long time and Nigerians are tired of it. We had thought and believed that six months in office, some things would have turned positively right, though some of us are still hopeful.

Legislators Fighting in the House
When our supposed lawmakers whose duty it is to put a law that will give us a peaceful Nigeria, begins to fight on the floor, that goes a long way to show the kind of laws that they will make for our nation. When you have men and women at the floor, who are not disciplined, self-controlled, it goes a long way to show that in our nation, a lot of work needs to be done. The lawmakers are representatives of the people, young people are looking up to them and the nation is seeing what they are doing. Let them show good examples for others to emulate.

Anarchy or fighting is not what we need now. They are a disgrace to the nation because they have not shown any sign of maturity. We need matured lawmakers who can reason out matters and iron it by dialogue. Fighting and quarrelling have never solved any issue but dialogue is the key to any issue in the house. They should put their emotions under control and each time that they seat in the House, they should know that people are looking up to them for quality representation. They should not disgrace themselves and the people, which they represent.

War Against Corruption
According to the Bible book, Romans 3:23, everyone is born corrupt, corruption in Nigeria has become a social problem, involving not only those in government, but people in public and private positions, traditional rulers, parents, the military, etc. It is the bedrock of dishonesty and bad behaviour, for personal gains, abuse or misuse of power or position of trust. Corruption is contagious. Often times, most perpetrators do not fear the consequences, as a result of immunity clauses attached to their positions in government. These manifest more in the award of contracts, political intrigues, diversions, dispensation of justice, staff promotion, misuse of public offices, positions and privileges, embezzlement of public funds, etc.

Corruption in Nigeria is systematic. So, it requires systematic approach as well, focusing on the pulse of the nation at this time. The judicial reform is key to its success. The anti-corruption fight is not expected to be won in a day.

Enforcement of the anti-corruption law must be to the fullest, if prioritizing of the “fight” must make the impact. The process must be sustained in all fairness and sincerity. Recovering all the looted funds must be practical, as a signal to those presently in political offices. Crude oil stealing is demonic and must be avoided.

Strategies must be in good place, but not suggesting a witch-hunt in tackling the issue, but the one that will destroy corruption. Well-meaning citizens will support the fight, but the corrupt ones will oppose it with bottlenecks but with the incorruptible credentials of the President and his determination to wipe out corruption and with the interest of the common man in focus, it is believed the fight will be won, all things being equal.

Advice to Nigerians
Our nation is at a trial period and every Nigerian should pray to God for divine intervention. Nigeria has lived and survived through prayers. Prayer is the only weapon that we have as Nigerians to call upon God and He will step into the matter of our nation and bring solutions to problems facing the country.