Nnenna: I’m Enjoying Being a Mother


Olayinka Olukunga Ademo, otherwise known as Nnenna, came to limelight about a decade ago with the Nnenna and  Friends franchise. Over the years, the brand grew stronger and richer. In this interview withTosin Clegg, Nnenna talks about motherhood, growing up, her career and the Nnenna brand

Who is Nnenna?

Nnenna is a model, wife, a mother of a set of twins and she dotes on her children.

 How did you come about the brand Nnenna…

This followed the success of the award-winning Superstory series. Nnenna, a gift of love, is where I played the role of Nnenna who was a ghost. The love that viewers had towards the character, especially children, probably because of the supernatural powers she possesses which she uses positively, gave birth to the brand, Nnenna.

 Do you regard the brand a success?

Yes! Its acceptance, over the years, by children, parents, schools, stakeholders, and multinationals is a proof to that. Just recently, we added to our accolades; Best Kiddies/Youth Programme of the Year at the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award. It’s no gainsaying that we have been able to touch lives positively.

Tell us about your background…

I am the first of four children, with a disciplinarian as a father and, a caring mother. Amidst all, it was fun with my siblings. I studied Marketing at the Lagos State University (LASU) and, just recently, I bagged a PGD in Educational Administration from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) due to my love for children and my zeal to acquire more knowledge.

What fueled the need to start Nnenna and Friends cartoon?

We all know that the reading culture, presently, has gone into extinction thereby creating a vacuum in the market. This is why the Nnenna and Friends Entertainment Company, a subsidiary of Wale Adenuga Productions, publishers of Ikebe Super, decided to bring back the reading culture.

Hence, the birth of Nnenna and Friends Cartoon Magazine; “Clean Fun for the Whole Family.”

But with so many sub-brands attached to Nnenna, have been able to get to manage it all and it’s all been possible due to the hard work of my team.

Are you enjoying motherhood?

Motherhood, I must say, is a beautiful and wonderful experience. Nothing compares to it. So far, I have been able to set my priorities right and with the support of my family, friends and team, I have been able to juggle both side by side and create a balance. And if I weren’t doing all I’m doing now I would still be working for children, probably, in another form like teaching.

Do you have any future project?

Right now, it’s all about the Nnenna and Friends Cartoon Magazine, which made its debut into the market on April 5, 2016. Further projects will be communicated when due.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years

I see myself doing much more for children, both locally and internationally, God willing.

What has kept you going over the years ?

God has been my strength and driving force. Also, the belief  in the Brand and its acceptance by all stakeholders.

Who’s your role model and mentor?

My parents and my boss, Mr. Wale Adenuga, whose belief in the brand has kept us strong all these years.