Subscribers Commend Globacom on Stable Data Growth


Emma Okonji

Subscribers to Glo internet services have commended the network for the robust quality of services and unique data plans available on its platform.

The commendation followed recent mobile data subscription in Nigeria released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), where Globacom maintained a steady increase in data subscription number on its network for seven consecutive months.

While there is a decline in the total number of mobile data subscription across mobile networks in the country, Globacom remained the leader.

Nigeria’s mobile data internet subscription had risen to 97.8 million in 2005, but the figure declined to 93.6 million in February 2016, according to statistics posted recently on the NCC’s website.

Details of the NCC result on mobile internet penetration show that Airtel attained 17.8 million internet subscriptions in October 2015, which was the highest so far, but had a decline in January 2016, with 16.9 million mobile internet subscribers, while Etisalat had a rise of 15.6 million mobile internet subscriptions in September 2015, which declined to 15.23 million as at February 2016. MTN also had 41.84 million mobile internet subscriptions in September 2015, but the figure declined to 35.6 million in February 2016.

Globacom however, had a steady growth in its mobile internet subscriptions from 20.77 million in August 2015 to 21.9 million in September 2015, and it continued rising on a monthly basis until it hit the 25.69 million mobile internet subscription number in February 2016, which is its highest so far.

Several subscribers who reacted to recent industry reports confirming Glo as the preferred network for new internet users, pointed to the speed and reliability of connectivity as well as the unmatched value offered by the network’s data plans as reasons for choosing Glo.

Funke Ishola, a Lagos-based analyst said her experience on the Glo network has been amazing. “Glo internet service has been awesome. I only switched to Globacom about a year ago and since then, the services have been awesome in relation to speed and reliability,”Ishola said.

“Another thing I enjoy is the hotspot connection,” she continued. “I can easily connect to my laptop via the hotspot. The world is now global and people rely on the internet to keep abreast of developments. Being an industry analysts, I rely heavily on the internet to do my job. Glo has given me the leverage I need to excel in my job. Glo has very friendly and affordable data package and the connectivity is superb.”

Opeyemi Aminu, an engineer in Lagos, who also commended Glo data services, said, “The speed is fast and the connectivity is steady and reliable.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police (Operations), Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Deima Abibo, said he is delighted to be on the Glo network. He noted that he is a heavy user of Glo data offerings, and wants Glo to continue to deliver more data options and offerings to beat competition in Nigeria.