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Galaxy Backbone Nominated for .Ng Web Awards

Galaxy Backbone Nominated for .Ng Web Awards

Galaxy Backbone Limited, one of the leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure and services providers has been nominated for the final stage of the “Public Sector: Star Website Award” category of the .ng Web Award by Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA).

The category recognises websites/portals of a government agency that provides best user experience and is doing business with .ng domain name. Galaxy Backbone alongside 9 others (,,,,,, and was assessed by the Award Jury as fulfilling the criteria.

The winner would be determined by the number of votes received. The organisers have therefore advised nominated organisations to reach out to their employees, customers, friends and fans to vote for them. According to the letter of notification, the more votes received by an organisation the better the chances of emerging winner in this category.

The voting mechanism is available on NIRA website
According to NIRA, “the strategic position taken by Galaxy Backbone Limited to register and use the .ng domain name, demonstrates the organization’s commitment to relate with the .ng online identity of Nigerians, Nigerian businesses, local content and culture. This key to doing business within and outside Nigeria and this qualifies Galaxy Backbone Ltd as an invaluable asset in this our historic celebration of the .ng online identity, excellence and creativity.”

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