Ibe Kachikwu: Shina Peller to the Rescue


Ibe had screamed last week that he was not a magician and as such we had to suffer till May before the Fuel Scarcity will end. Although I hear he has recanted and apologised, I agree totally with him. Only a magician can solve permanently the problem we face with fuel with all its politics and I know just the person that should be our Petroleum Minister. He is Shina Peller the very handsome businessman who runs that exotic Night Club somewhere in Victoria Island.

He is the son of legendary Magician, Professor Peller. Yes he is a real magician and I am sure that Ibe had him in mind when he made that statement. I swear Shina can do it o. He once confessed to me that every Peller is a magician and that he can make people and irritating things like fuel queues disappear with a wave of the wand. That is why you see that I do not agree with the Jagaban. He should have kept quiet and just maybe we would not have seen or heard the apology and today my friend would have had the opportunity to just do abracadabra and we will all be swimming in inexhaustible fuel.