Adeleke Chides Petroleum Products Dealers


The Senator representing Osun West District, Otunba Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke has sent out an appeal to petrol dealers in Osun West District in particular and Osun State in general, to stop forthwith, their shylock and selfish attitudes in the unnecessary hike in their petroleum products prices.

Adeleke said he had to make this appeal, bearing in mind that there was no justification for such arbitrary increase in the fuel prices, from these unpatriotic dealers, when it is realized, that there are marketers like Bovas, Forte and a few other independent marketers, selling at the official price of N86.50 and they are still breaking even and making profits.
Adeleke, in a statement by Olumide Lawal, his Special Adviser (Media and Public Affairs) said it was painful to notice endless queue of motorists, struggling to even buy at such ridiculous prices ranging from N180 to N200 per litre of petrol.

The first executive governor of Osun State, reiterated, that such attitude by the shylock petrol dealers was very unfortunate.
He called on the Department of Petroleum Resources to swing into action, across the state and arrest the ugly situation “which has drastically affected the socio-economic well-being of the masses of our people.”

The senator enjoined the shylock petrol dealers, to note that they shall give account of their stewardship to God Almighty, insisting, that they are enemies of the ordinary Nigerians.
He advised the DPR, to curtail the alleged nefarious activities of some NNPC Mega Stations, who connive with some independent marketers to divert fuel to them at exorbitant prices, which they later sell to the helpless members of the public at skyrocket prices.
This, he said, was unwholesome and should be discontinued if information reaching him is anything to go by.
Adeleke is of the view that NNPC should pump out more fuel to organized station, like Oando, Forte, Mrs., Total, Mobil and monitor their delivery without any itch.