Saraki: Some People Helping Buhari are Hurting Democracy

Bukola Saraki

• Melaye vows to maintain criticism of FG
Damilola Oyedele in Abuja
Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has lamented what he described as the attitude  of some persons in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to hurt Nigeria’s democracy.

He said this at the plenary yesterday while reacting to the suit filed against Senator Dino Melaye by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister, of Justice Mr. Abubakar Malami, for allegedly misleading the police about an assassination attempt on his life in April 2017.

The senator, according to the suit, also falsely accused the Chief of Staff to Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, Mr. Edward Onoja, of the assassination attempt.

Saraki, while reacting yesterday, said Melaye’s arraignment which comes up on March 1, 2018, was not justified.
“I do not see how the issue of arraignment can be a way forward in a matter like this. But be that as it may, I want us all to continue to defend democracy and fight for what is right and I can assure you that this institution will continue to stand for what is right.

“Those who think that they are helping the government, but sometimes they are doing things that are not in the interest of this democracy. I think they need to do what is right for the interest of all of us. But for sure, what is wrong is wrong. I think those who are looking at this will have a review and do what is right,” Saraki added.

Speaking earlier, Melaye while raising a point of order, said he would not be cowed into silence or stop his criticisms of the wrong actions of the government, as is the intendment by the charges filed against him.

He described the suit as persecution, and expressed his readiness to pay the “supreme prize” for Nigeria’s democracy.
“If this arraignment in Kogi State is to stop me from criticising the federal government, they have committed a capital compound mistake. I shall continue to speak. I shall continue to ask questions. I shall continue to criticise any public officer, including the President of Nigeria where he has gone wrong,” Melaye said.

“I have conquered fear and I am not afraid of the prison. The last administration arrested me 14 times. The Abacha and Babangida’s governments detained me. I am not afraid of the prison. It is built because of human beings. But we will continue to speak the truth, not minding whose ox is gored,” he added.

Melaye said it is a crime to stay silent in an ‘unjust society” and vowed to defend himself in court.
“The battle to bring Nigeria back on track from these criminals in power is a battle of no retreat no surrender. I am ready to face the Federal Government on this matter. I will fight it with the last drop of my blood. No retreat, no surrender,” he added.
The matter was not subjected to debate, as a matter of personal explanation.

  • Anusa peter Ogar

    Cowards die ten times before their dead, Dino, you are not one of such and so I pray you prevail.

  • Maigari

    Yes sir but ““The battle to bring Nigeria back on track from these criminals in power is a battle of no retreat” is a misplaced statement. Isn’t the Senate also in power? Powerful enough to summon any Nigeria to appear before it and even send him/her to jail? It is we the nonentities that need liberation from the incumbent self-centered NASS members especially with your unaccountable ‘Constituency Projects and allowances’!

  • Kekedu

    Did you arrange fake assassination attempt or not? You better answer the question or I will ‘impregnate’ you for lying.

  • mgbonese

    Say the truth no matter who is concerned, the fearless people with good conscience in Nigeria are solidly behind you. The traitors shall never prevail.

  • heavy

    Reap what you sow Dino ,to give a devil spone to eat is very easy than to take it soyinka said “THE GHOST OF JONATHAN “.

    • ubong

      It has nothing to do with him or johnathan but with all of us. Am not a fan of Dino or his state governor becuase both of them are product of corrupt INEC and judiciary system. However, the question i, whyis the not fit for purpose and highly partisan AGF getting involved in personal matters between two independent Nigerian. He insituted case against senator misau on allegation about mr idris, as an individual and not the Nigerian police institution, however, when the removed SGF was allegedly, he cleared him of no case to answer until when the noise was louder than him, the President set up a panel that led to the dismissal of tbe disgraced SGF. Tbis same AGF in partnership with some people in tbe presidency brought and reinstated a nan declared wanted by the same government and placed on Interpol watchlist. Why is Dino case a national case. A matter between two people occupying current positions through corrupt process. Its what we should be asking from tbe so called AGF and not about the individuals facing persecution, despite their antecedents of supporting bad actions and calling good actions like 2014 National confab a jamboree and waste of time desite it being one of he bezt organised all inclusive discussing on how to live together as a united true federal nation. I plead we should be able to condemn what is wrong

  • OJpo