Jonathan: Many People Suffering Because of Decisions I Took in Office

Goodluck Jonathan
Goodluck Jonathan
  •  Seeks abolition of age barrier in politics

Emmanuel Addeh in Yenagoa

The final leg of the 60th birthday celebration of former President Goodluck Jonathan has ended in Otuoke, Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, with the ex-Nigerian leader insisting that he and his team made sacrifices for the development of the country while in office despite the turn of events.

He acknowledged the plight of many of his aides who are currently facing court cases and other forms of trials in several parts of the country, noting that governance remains a challenging task for which personal pleasures must be relinquished.

Jonathan was addressing several youth groups, including the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), among others, who were present to felicitate with him on his birthday in his country home.

“So, I am speaking to the future of this country, whatever sacrifices I have made as an individual or I discussed with my political party and others, because elections is not only about one person, we know a number of persons that are in court, not even me yet, who are suffering because of me.

“Politics is all about the people, so the decision I took, though I made the pronouncements, but it affected everybody. So, if we have made this kind of sacrifice and people are still sacrificing now, my plea with you is that you know that this country is in your hands,” he told the youths.

The former president admonished young persons in the country to cultivate the will to make sacrifices for the country when they are in position to do so, explaining that only then can the country truly make progress.

Jonathan who described the occasion as unprecedented and memorable, said it was only the second time he would celebrate his birthday in his life, the first being in 2004 while he was Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State.

While acknowledging several goodwill messages from “senior citizens” including President Muhammadu Buhari and ex-Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, he revealed that he never celebrated birthdays before his sojourn into politics as he was not used to the luxury of life because of his humble background.

Jonathan added: “Sometimes things could be so challenging that we begin to think that it is over but with what I have seen today, I am convinced that we still have a country.

“All of your speeches centre on the position I took especially when I surrendered in a way and made sure there was peace in the country because the tension was quite high.

“You also made mention of some of the few things we did when I was in office, especially relating to education and that is an area I can say we tried.

“Whatever sacrifices I have made, be willing and ready to make similar sacrifices whenever it’s your turn. Make similar sacrifice for the collective interest of our nation.”

According to him, being a young person should not be a barrier to occupying political positions, maintaining that many parts of the world were currently being led by youths.

“If one of the super powers and G5 nations like France can elect a 39-year old as president, then almost all of you here are very qualified to be president. And to add to what France did, I think Austria elected a 31-year old as president.

“So, don’t consider yourself too young and even in our country, Gowon (Yakubu) became a president at 32 and my governor then, the governor of old Rivers State who is now the King of Twon-Brass, he was made the military governor at the age of 28 and they all worked very well.

“I enjoin all of you who are making efforts to ensure that this age barriers are either eliminated completely or reduced in our laws. I think that you are advocating for that and I join you and I have always been on that track that we don’t really need age barriers”, he noted.

President of the IYC, Mr. Oweilaemi Pereotubo, who spoke on behalf of the youth groups, described the former president as a colossus and an inspiration to the youths and younger generation.
He called on the federal government to stop the “continued persecution” of the former first family, adding that Ijaw youths will no longer watch one of their own being harassed.

Wife of the former President, Patience; former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Power, Godknows Igali; Chairman of Ogbia Brotherhood, Chief Benson Agadaga; Chairman Azikel Group, Dr Azibapu Eruani, among several other associates were present during the event.

  • bigdaddy

    Yeah, right. Of course your subordinates are suffering. I guess you wish you had not let them steal as much as you allowed them to.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    What did the mumu try to express? Confused and confusing individual.

    • Zico

      I wonder o

    • Kickboxer

      Internet wiseman…go and enjoy your SMART ZOO of lack of electricity, Boko Haram, Fulani terrorists, police extortion, fighting DSS, NIA & EFCC, and most of all brainless Buhari

      • ImpactK

        Oh, the Zoo is getting better, we are no longer called for scam immigration job where we harvest deaths instead of job, students in boarding house are not being killed while the President is dancing political campaign palongo, The president wife is not slapping and abusing Federal Ministers and sitting governors, we can no longer remember the last time we queue endlessly in filling station, money meant for arms to fight the enemies/insurgent are no longer shared for political campaign and to deliver states election a la (Obanikoro and Fayose), We now know that there is something called bail out funds which States are now using to clear backlog of salaries which hitherto the Presidency of the erstwhile leader never deemed fit to do. For all who failed to acknowledge this; they are the next candidate to jump into Lagoon.

        • duwdu

          Very well said, ImpactK.


          • austin

            Impactk, Udo, crashernii, and duwdu – using the same IP address or just singing from the same sheet?

          • ImpactK

            Take a dive into lagoon

        • UDO

          Local Govt now are hopeful of freedom from state dominance. School children are fed. Elections are free and fair. Biafran ex policemen paid. Farm produce are exported. Non oil export on the increase. JAMB pays enough to the govt purse. Customs also contribute to economy. What do they want

          • They are stiff necked race,give them heaven they will still demand for more,impossible clan!.

      • ImpactK

        School children are now fed in the zoo with money that Diezani would have chopped along when the ogogoro man from Bayelsa was there. Biafran ex policemen paid from the money Madam Patience would have converted to hers in the days of her mum husband. Farm produce are exported. Non oil export on the increase. JAMB pays enough to the govt purse. Customs also contribute to economy. Kickboxer wake up from sleep of political hatred and embrace this Zoo that is getting better.

  • Jaybanj

    Patience your wife also sacrificed a lot thats why she has $25 million dollars in banks under fictitious company names. Please we should stop giving all these leaders respect – they are common thieves.

    • share Idea

      All these based on story sold to you by lying administration that have refused to either interrogate her or charge her to court. Keep hating someone who God have blessed. Nigeria we hail thee

      • UDO

        AS poor as you are, you cannot see the difference b/w you and children of those who stole our commonwealth. Did he send executive bill to the Senate about age reduction in politics when he was there? He is playing the saint now. How about autonomy to Local Govts? Nigeria is working. Though slow but steady.

      • Apataganga

        That’s the false narrative you’ve decided to cling to ….disrespecting God by claiming he blessed someone with money stolen by the person from our collective vault…shame on you…..You might as well say God blessed Evans the Billionaire kidnapper……..leave God out of the thievery of your madam and your own display of absolute buffoonery …..

    • evidence

      You must be mistaking Patience for Baru who unilaterally signed of contract of $26m without recourse to the board.
      At least Patience has oil in her backyard that your parasitic and bloodthirsty northern elites and emir’s are controlling from your desert and flies infested north.
      By the time each state starts controlling their resources, we will see how you will survive with your gworo and cows.
      Demonic parasites from fouta djallon.

      • Adebayo Isa

        And does that justifies her stealing ? Let’s be rational dudes

        • Kickboxer

          Thiefnubu nko? Ota Baboon Obasanjo…nko?

        • Victor

          Which court has found her guilty of stealing Mr rationality?. Why not also let your rational stand extends to telling Nigerians why contracts worth $26m will be signed without recourse to due process, as well as the much talk about #MAINAGATE?

        • evidence

          Now you want to be rational. Come back and pontificate when Buhari starts his fake corruption fight from his kitchen cabinet members.
          Until then , there is no war against corruption.
          Buhari is just settling scores with those he thinks offended him.

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        …………And still the $26billion contract signed traced to Baru’s account?

        • evidence

          Hypocrite. The one that was traced to Babachir, Damabazzau, Burantashi, Oke, Anna Kyari, what has been done about it?
          When a new government takes over, that is when will know the level of sleaze in this demonic government.

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            First thing first. Without the Patience Jonathans, the Dasukis, the Diezanis, the Maina’s, the principal architects of sleaze in the nation, there would have been no Babachirs, Barus and Okes

          • evidence

            Without the likes of Buhari who stole $2.8 bn dollars in 1978 and 25bn as PTF chairman, we would not have the likes of IBB who stole 12bn dollars, we would not have the likes of Abacha who the money he stole , is still being returned, even after Buhari swore Abacha did not steal, we would not have Abdusalami who finished our reserve.
            So what’s your point?
            Baru stole a whooping 26bn dollars and you’re here calling the name of Jonathan.
            All the money you idiots claim Jonathan and his men stole is not up to one tenth of what Baru alone stole.
            Almajiri parasite.

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            (a) Patience Jonathan – CONFIRMED evidence of freeze $15 million and other sundry millions in Bank Accounts;
            (b) Dasuki – CONFIRMED diversion of $2.1 billion with several beneficiaries under investigations; and
            (c) Diezani – CONFIRMED diversion of $23 billion with several beneficiaries under investigations.
            Other CONFIRMED evidences reserved for the next round. Hoping to know how many almajiri beneficiaries from the stealings.

          • evidence

            Are you daft ?
            Are the people I mentioned above not your almajiri brothers?What ministry was Patience heading that you confirmed she diverted money?
            The onus is on you to prove that she stole the money but how will an almajiri quota system product know this?
            At least she has oil in her backyard, what does Aisha have in your desert and flies infested North to be wearing wristwatch of N10m and carrying bag worth 35m?
            If they have irrefutable evidence against Dasuki, why are they trying him secretly? All the monies they claimed they recovered from Dasuki is not up to the $26 billion Baru unilaterally signed.
            The value of the 2.8 bn dollars Buhari stole in 1978 is more than even the 2.1 bn Buhari is pontificating about.
            All the oil blocs your parasitic emirs are controlling from your desert North, does it belong to them?
            Your parasitic elites have been in power for over 40 years but your region is still the poorest, most diseased and most violent region.
            Go and face your problems and start using whatever is left of your brain.

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            I am used to your types in the podium, their valour easily deserted them whenever confronted with stacked realities. So, as soon as cornered, he quickly evades the point and diverts to other irrelevant issues. Demanding for proof, while courts freezing orders were at public domain confirmed very serious ignorance by the so-called educated.

            Also, unknown to the so-called educated, Patient Jonathan held the largest Ministry in Aso Rock Villa, regardless of whether assigned a portfolio or not. At least the monies traced to her and cronies Bank accounts testified to the fact.

            It sounds a twist of irony asking for irrefutable evidence against Dasuki, while such irrefutable evidence could not be made unavailable against Buhari and Baru

            “At least she has oil in her backyard, ….” This statement confirmed moronic mentality of those who believe that having resources at one’s backyard conferred the legitimacy to steal public funds.

            The contradiction appears clear as those who claimed over N44 trillion investments in the North now see the region as parasitic. How did the educated came about sinking such investments in a ‘useless’ environment?

          • evidence

            Codein induced rambling.
            Aisha is now heading the same ministry, abi?
            That Ministry had a budget of 537 million in 2014 but Buhari increased it to 1.7 bn, is it fura de nunu that Aisha wants to cook with 1.7 bn?!
            Aso Rock clinic today cannot even boast of panadol and syringe.
            Rats chased Buhari out of his office even after millions was allocated for fumigation.
            If you cannot tell me what job Aisha does to afford a wristwatch of 10 million and a handbag of 35 million, then shut up about Patience.
            If their is irrefutable proof against Dasuki, why has Buhari refused to allow the court try him openly?
            Why is Buhari afraid of trying Dasuki?
            And if Buhari has recovered all these monies as he claimed, why is he borrowing and piliing debt on generation unborn?
            Your brain is not for decoration, please.

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            Pointless arguments by mischievously disspirited discussant. Aisha now occupying the same Ministry hardly makes sense, so long as any public fund not traceable to her or cronies Bank accounts. Neither an increased budget from 537 million to N1.7billion, Aso Rock clinic without panadol and syringe, fumigation of Buhari’s office, Aisha 10 million wristwatch, 35 million handbag could make sense anywhere in a discussion begging for truth, nor the above issues raised serve as proof to any criminal culpability by Buhari or Aisha.

            In contrast, it would remain in Nigerian corruption history that Patience Jonathan, wife of a former President and her cronies forfeited billions of naira and properties for criminal activities while in Aso Rock Villa. Presently, GEJ appears visibly afraid to testify before a court of law in a criminal case that he was a facilitator. These are the in-erasable hard facts jaundice minded elements often avoided in a discussion to cover their shame.

            Therefore, instead of accusing Buhari afraid of putting Dasuki for trial it would serve PDP/Jonathan apologists better to explain the former President’s refusal to testify on Metuh’s N400 million trial which he served as facilitator.

            Well, if Buhari now accused of pilling debts, he was compelled by the circumstances of criminal recklessness of PDP and Jonathan, so that the nation survives economically and socially.

          • evidence

            It is pointless because Aisha is involved, right? Moronic hypocrite.
            Before we ever heard of Patience, we had been hearing of Aisha and the role she played in the Halliburton case, that is why Buhari refused to re open that case.
            We also know how she benefited from the forex scam that people called her Madam Bureau de change.
            Aisha’s looting of 1.7bn for Aso Rock feeding, 825m for kitchen utensils and others will come to light , when another administration takes over from this catastrophic government.
            If you fail to ask where Aisha got money to afford wristwatches worth 10m and bags worth 35m, then you have no right to ask how Patience made her money.
            If Buhari, Abacha,Abdusalami, IBB that were once military heads of state, have not been charged to court for stealing our common wealth for over 40 years and destroying our infrastructures, then any attempt to even arrest Jonathan will spell doom for this country.
            A blood thirsty criminal and coupist like Buhari has no moral right to accuse anybody of corruption, especially with his one week one scandal government.
            Even with all the money Abacha stole, Nigeria never went into recession.
            If ObJ could move Nigeria forward even when Abdusalami left him with just $3bn as against the $32 bn Jonathan left for Buhari and met crude oil at 9bp as against 50bp Buhari met, then Buhari has no excuse for plunging us into recession, except for the fact that he has always been empty and crude .
            Where are the proceeds from fuel subsidy removal?
            What is he doing with the proceeds from increment of electricity tarrif, stamp duty, 65naira ATm transaction, tax and duties increment at the ports among others?
            Why is he still borrowing?
            Your god Buhari is a holier than thou,thief, a criminal, and a blood sucking jihadist.

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            Could there be any moronic hypocrite than the one who says what he doesn’t meant? The desperation to evade hard facts and to justify the unjustifiable is the whole mark of the argument.

            All the lengthy evasive and diversionary arguments would never alter the verifiable corruption records in the public domain.

            Patience Jonathan, wife of the former President of Nigeria legally forfeited billions of naira and properties as result of corruption charges. Period!!!

          • evidence

            Your facts are full of shit.
            The fact is that Aisha Buhari was one of those that was used to launder Halliburton money.
            That is why Buhari refused to reopen the case.
            The fact is that Aso Rock feeding that was 537m in 2014 was jacked up to 1.7 bn in 2016.
            The fact is that Aisha is Nigeria’s own Gucci Grace, wearing Jewelry and clothing worth millions of dollars while their hungry supporters like you are dying like flies in your diseased and violence ridden parasitic North.
            Let me not even start with the billions she makes in Buhari’s forex scam.
            The fact is Baru unilaterally signed contract of $26 bn without recourse to the board.
            $26bn is ten times more than all the money Buhari accused Jonathan of looting.
            We have not added grass cutter Babachir’s own, or the 500m Abba Kyari collected from MTN.
            Or the one Buratai used to build two mansions in Dubai.
            Read the news once in a while, if you did , you would know that the court ordered EFCC to unfreeze Patience accounts because the EFCC cannot prove that money was missing anywhere.
            Fura de nunu brain.

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            Rambling aimlessly would never justify your arguments, alter or remove the judicial records dully endorsed by courts of competence. So long as this remains unachievable, the situation will only keep increasing your frustrations.

          • evidence

            You should have countered my points with superior argument instead of distracting with your drivel.
            You think you can just use words, just because you like the sound of it?
            The court has ordered EFCC to unfreeze Patience accounts because EFCC cannot prove that Patience stole any money, go and read it and weep.
            He who alleges must prove.
            EFCC’s media trial has lost its entertainment value.
            Meanwhile it is in the public domain that Abba Kyari collected 500 m from MTN.
            Babachir use millions of Naira to cut grass, a damning report by UN released 2 days ago has reaffirmed this.
            Barutai built 2 mansions in Dubai.
            Baru single handedly signed contract of 25bn dollars.
            Under Buhari we have over 10 different forex rate, Sanusi testified to this.
            Buhari’s government is one week, one scandal government and he hasn’t even left power.
            Imagine what we will discover when he is thrown out on 2019.
            Buhari has been stealing since 1978, when he stole 2.8bn dollars and the money was traced to his Midland account in the UK.
            So save your moronic hypocrisy.
            You are a parasitic quota system product, just like your certificate less, coup plotter president.

    • Victor

      From your comment it is clear you are being fooled by an administration that is only winning its war against corruption on the media front. When you say somebody is corrupt or has stolen from the public, you present your case before the courts and not go about seizing monies and properties that are not yours. This government can not be the judge in their own case, while same time is doing all they can to cover up their digitalized corruption as displayed in the so called “#MAINAGATE”

      • UDO

        No money was taken by Maina under this admin. Someone slept while he stole. Let no one deceive us again.

        • austin

          While one person chased him and declared him wanted, another brought him in, promoted him, and gave him a pride of place. We still have the whole story, it did not happen that far away

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        Seizing has some meaning in English language. There is nohow court forfeiture order could be described ‘seizing’.

      • Truthisbitter

        Under whose regime did Maina committed the alleged crime?

    • Dauda

      What is fictititious about how business. If you are sure, why a temporary seizure and not outright and then prosecute her. Stop reasoning as a child