Police/DSS Operatives Manhandle Wike in Failed Attempt to Abduct Federal High Court Judge

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  • Gov alleges plot to declare state of emergency in Rivers

Ernest Chinwo in Port Harcourt

There is tension in Rivers State as scores of Department of State Services (DSS) operatives and policemen attempted to abduct a Federal High Court judge residing at Number 35, Forces Avenue in Port Harcourt in the early hours of Saturday.

THISDAY gathered that the failed abduction was led by Mr Tosin Ajayi, Rivers State Director of the Department of State Services (DSS), and Rivers State Police Commissioner, Mr Francis Odesanya.

The operatives of DSS reportedly rough-handled the state Governor, Nyesom Wike, pushing him around and injuring his hand. A few of the operatives cocked their rifles and threatened to shoot the Governor.

A statement issued by the Special Assistant to the Governor on Electronic Media, Simeon Nwakaudu, said the security operatives were irked by Wike’s arrival at the scene shortly after the failed abduction process began. It was learnt that Wike received security information on the illegal moves, minutes after the operation started.

According to Nwakaudu, the security operatives blocked the entrance of the residence of the Federal High Court judge at about 1am on saturday morning, claiming that they were acting on orders from above. As they dragged Governor Wike, they insisted that they must be allowed to leave with the judge.

However, the commotion attracted passers by and journalists who thronged the vicinity to know why hundreds of security agents in several Patrol vans had been mobilised.

Upon the arrival of the national media, the Rivers State Director of the DSS, Mr Tosin Ajayi jumped into his vehicle and fled the scene.

However, addressng journalists, Rivers State Police Commissioner, Francis Odesanya said the two security agencies were at the scene because they received privileged information.

Odesanya claimed he was at the scene as a peace maker. He declined comments on why the Police joined the DSS to abduct a serving Federal High Court judge.

In an interview with journalists at the scene of the failed illegal abduction of a Federal High Court judge by the Police and DSS, Wike said it will not be under his watch that security agencies wiĺl be allowed to entrench needless impunity.

He declared that their reckless action portends danger to the nation’s democracy, noting that he is convinced that President Buhari is not aware of the level of impunity being perpetrated by Federal Securiy agencies.

Wike stated that whatever the situation, the rule of law must prevail in a democratic setting.

He said if the security agencies had a lawful directive to implement, they must follow due process .

According to him: “Not under my watch wiĺl I allow this kind of impunity to take place. That is why we are here. I don’t know which judge they were detailed to abduct. I didn’t bother myself to know which judge. All I am interested in is that, at this level, it is not allowed.

“He is not a criminal and he is not an armed robber. If the person has committed an offence, invite him. It is only when he refuses to honour the invitation that you can adopt this commando style.

“The Commissioner of Police is here, the Director of DSS is here. Their operatives cocked their guns and threatened to shoot me. I have never seen that before. Again , this is to tell you what we are facing . We know that more will come. For us in this state, we shall continue to resist it.”

Wike added: “It doesn’t matter what it will cost. When you talk about liberty, sacrifices must be made. We are not trying to stop an arrest. All we are saying is that things must be done decently and in line with the rule of law.

“Rivers State is under siege. For you to see a governor out at this time of the day, something is wrong. A siege is an understatement. If this type of thing happens next time, the people wiĺl resist it to the last”.

The governor stressed: “They are trying to do something funny in this state, probably to declare a state of emergency.

  • Moore

    This write up is biased. I’d love due process to be followed esp in cased like this. Rule of law. But this write is ‘out of it’

  • Edim Asekong

    You’re right on target Aleks, the real target is Mr Justice Onnoghen. So called DSS & their sponsors were only trying to sell a dummy, period.

  • James Gunn

    Why complain? You voted for this. This is CHANGE!

  • papred06

    JAIL WIKE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • okinba launko

    This is simply a governor obstructing law enforcement agencies from doing their work.

  • joelaw

    Wike and his gang in PDP government have done worse when they were in power. From reports, Wike was alleged to have mowed down innocent poor citizens in opposition without due process. I don’t condone what the DSS did if it is true, but people must be careful when they are in power.

  • Aleks

    It’s unfortunate that many Nigerians do not seem to understand what is playing out here. To discerning people with basic understanding of Nigerian politics and its history, it is crystal clear that the the politics of succession of the Chief Justice of Nigeria has reached the high point. The real target of this invasion of the judiciary may be Justice Walter Onnoghen (from Cross River State) who has been recommended by the FJSC and the NJC to succeed the current Chief Justice of Nigeria by November. The northern political establishment cannot afford to let go their stranglehold on the seat of the Chief Justice of Nigeria which they have occupied through a succession of judges since 1987. Perhaps if Justice Walter Onnoghen had only a token period like few months to 1-year of service left, it may have been managed since he is from a minority ethnic group in the south. But the thought of a southern Chief Justice with four years of service to go, must have sent the chills down the spine of the northern political mafia.
    We can all afford to keep on playing APC/PDP cards, or better still – as is the fashion now – fold our hands, close our eyes and mouths (see nothing, say nothing), but only a fool will pretend not to know that Buhari and the northern political hegemony are driving Nigeria to the precipice.
    To start with, why go to arrest judges in the middle of the night, without arrest warrants. The only explanation is to intimidate and instil fear into the populace and civil society that the “new sheriff” can operate above the law, and can do and undo. If Supreme Court Justices can be treated like this, then who are you the “common citizen or civil rights activist”. The way things are going, we must brace up for a new wave of political exiles in addition to the economic exiles that Buhari has already created. This certainly does not sound like the change that was brandished before the electorate.

    • salele

      Conspiracy theory ? Nice one.

    • 247piper

      Thats a deep thinker. On point.

  • Tea

    This APC led federal government complained bitterly about IMPUNITY by the former PDP leadership but we can all see today that IMPUNITY under APC and Bokohari has produced a Negative change amongst others

  • rayden

    1am !!! Liberty and freedom on life support in Nigeria. Smh. While am not holding brief for this judge, it clear to see that the DSS has more to hide than this judge.

  • Chichi Girl

    Wahala. “Lunatics are running the asylum”. This country has been set back by many years.” There was a country”

  • Papis Cruz

    Wike simply have to intervene to safe his investment and stop the arrest and search of that judge,s residence by all means possible. What would have been discovered would have been a shocker. It has been rumored recently that they now use judges residents as Banks for looted funds . Or how can one explain a Governor resorting to that level of desperation and safe help in the name of saving the Rest of the oppressed Nigerians… soon the truth will come out.

    • Tea

      Foolish and uneducated statement. Shouldn’t the Police (who are supposed to uphold the law) have taken such action via due process and by legal means. A judge of a state should be respected and not treated like a Tout. Our democracy is bigger than monkeys like you and Bokohari your pay master. This is not a Military dictatorship, thank GOD the world through the ECOWAS court can now see how devilish this current regime is, very soon they will get to you and your loved ones

      • NsayNever

        Which police o?

  • Nkem

    This is a serious matter so we must all pause and reflect. that I don’t think the DSS would do that to a federal judge without concrete evidence of an egregious act.
    Judges in Nigeria have become the biggest threats to the institutional fabric of our society. Nigerian judges have criminally arrogated to themselves the power to discharge and acquit as they arbitrarily determine what constitute crime and punishment.
    Nigerians do not realise that the kind of impunity that this breeds is the foundation for the total destruction of order and sanity in our society. That is the precursor to insanity and total anarchy – because members of society now realise that might is right; that you can get away with murder; that the only thing standing in your way is your ability to commit it.
    For me the greatest threat to the continued existence of our society is not the sleazy politician, the slimy bureaucrat or the advance fee fraudster. It is the licensed rogue sitting on the bench, with a wig and a robe, disguised as his lordship.

    • rayden

      The DSS have done worse without concrete evidence. I weep for you and your household. Pray that you dont get served this kind of treatment. It can come in any form not neccessarily in this way. How we have lost our sense of reasoning because of some silly convictions or sentiments surprises me. If the have evidence as you claim what stops them from inviting him over. Must it be in a Gestapo manner. This is the 21st century the judge is no robber or terrorist.

    • Asuk

      Two wrongs don’t make a right. The DSS is crude, primitive and reckless .

      • NsayNever

        And the judges are lawless by becoming BDC home-operators. Nigeria needs a drastic solution or else…..

    • Tony Oshea

      Let’s presume the judge had issues,due process demands that the NJC be allowed to issue him an invitation to defend humself, rather than have DSS and police KIDNAP him at 1.00 am without the courtesy of explaining to even the chief security officer of Rivers state.And why manhandle,brutalize and inflict injury on Wike if DSS/police were on legitimate duty?Hersmen are more civilised because they abduct their victims in broad daylight and NEVER attack an incumbent governor.Welcome to retrogressive “Change” Nkem!

      • NsayNever

        Good as this seems; what if they have been compromised too. Cleaning up the mess in Nigeria requires drastic measures if not draconian rules. We always say rule-of-law but the country is becoming a no-man’s land of decay.

  • Arabakpura

    The same operation was going on in other states and no other governor behaved in this fashion! Oh Wike, be careful!


      At 1.00 a.m.? Please, spare us the embarrassment of your support for this megalomanic action.
      Things have to be done correctly not with such idiotic ‘dumbness’.
      What if it were you?

      • Arabakpura

        You appear not to much about security!

      • Arabakpura

        Why was the governor awake by that time if he is not a cultist? The people they came for are federal judges and not state judges! He is even jeopardizing those judges the more and the judges know it!

        • rayden

          Grow up, drop facts and sensible arguments not petty talk or beer palour gossip. Leave this silly line of argument for the evening when you are with your friends at mama nkechi’s beer palour

          • Arabakpura

            It took place in other states and no other governor behaved in this fashion! You children, the day they will hurt him, you will all troop to the street and destroy a few Rivers things and life will go on!

        • Chichi Girl

          Haba mallam. What has being awake by that time got to do with anything.

          • Arabakpura

            It is ungodly for a governor to engage the state at that time!

        • fabia

          Really? Being awake at that time makes him a cultist! Chai!!! Nigeria!

        • Olanrewaju

          I am sorry, have you met a cultist before to know they are the only ones awake at that time of the day?If he was asleep people like will still condem him. Get a grip

          • Arabakpura

            One day his fellow cultists will injure him!

          • Tony Oshea

            He must be one to have detailed knowledge of when they operate.

        • denupa

          Gov Wike’s residence is about 300 metres from the judge’s residence, and that was why he was there as soon as he learned about the attempted abduction.

          • Arabakpura

            The DSS is just separated from the Judges quarters by a fence! The sting operation also took place in other states!

          • Mayo

            This was not a sting operation. Please, confirm the meaning of a sting operation before you start claiming this was one.

          • Arabakpura

            What is it then?

          • Mayo

            From Wikipedia – In law enforcement, a sting operation is a deceptive operation designed to catch a person committing a crime…

            In a sting operation, law enforcement officers (via an undercover agent or a willing participant) plays along with someone who is about to commit a crime and then when the person commits the actual crime, the person is arrested. An example is when Otedola was asked by the SSS to go along and offer the bribe to Farouk and then they arrested Farouk after he accepted the bribe.

            This is not what happened here, at least according to this published story. This story simply says the Judges were investigated by SSS and then the SSS officers decided to arrest the Judges upon completion of their investigation. Nothing wrong with that but do not classify this as a sting operation because it is not.

          • NsayNever

            There is more to it than meet the eyes……if a common man resist an arrest, it is a chargeable offence but now it’s a governor averting an arrest to cover corruption/…..hmnnnnn……what a CSO!

    • Asuk

      I praise the courage of Wike.

      • Arabakpura

        No problem, the day they will injure Jim, you will come out and burn Rivers state and everybody will rest!

    • Tea

      Very foolish statement, let it happen to you and lets see the kind of comment you will make. Animal in human skin that’s the kind of treatment you deserve since you think like an ANIMAL, please leave this page for humans to interact.

  • Asuk

    2019 is on. Democracy is death.

    • Cleansignorance

      I said it from day one and I still maintain that, anyone who was convinced that, an ex military jackboot, a coupist and a dictator can submit to democratic norms principles and values at the age of 73yrs old must be on hallucinates of the highest mind uttering potency. I was a staunch APC card carrying member. However, the day that GMB emerged as APC’s presidential candidate, I tore up my party membership card, abandoned my ambition of contesting for the Federal House of Representatives, packed up my bags and returned to the U.S quietly, never minding all the funds I had spent on my grass-root electioneering campaign.

      I simply could not legitimize GMB as a leader of a Democratic Nigeria, by being a part of the system, due to my ambition to become a Feral Rep. Knowing Buhari’s TYRANNY & DICTATORIAL TENDENCIES, and ISLAMIC bent antecedents. I did not believe that, he could even win the election, after being rejected on 4 previous occasions by Nigerians. My disgust was the fact that anyone could even prop up GMB and dress him up in the fake robes of a Democrat.

      I was stunned that Nigerians would even allow such a DEMON emerge as a Presidential candidate at all, much more casting a majority of the ballot for him. I ran for dear life, because I simply realized that Democracy has ended in Nigeria, the Moment that Buhari emerged as the APC flag bearer. AND I WEPT PROFUSELY FOR MY COUNTRY!

      • Asuk


  • Michael-Ikem Okonkwo

    The Chanqi Voted by the masses.. here we are..#ShameBABA

  • Vita

    The f******* DSS & their cohorts should be sued immediately.

  • Mr. A

    It’s only in Rivers State that I see a special Police Squad carrying machetes. Zimbabwe here we come.

  • MUYI Edosa

    i think we now have the full story, about 3 supreme court judges were arrested and lots of corrupt federal judges. Allow the security men do their job properly. Wike is playing politics because he knows he is in trouble for bribing Justice Odilli of the supreme court.

    • Abia_Man

      And the Yoruba guys are doing it, we are one Nigeria based on Lord Lugards conquest. A president that won’t release his assets declaration forms to us is arresting leaders of other ethnic nations for corruption. And some Yoruba are playing along.

      • MUYI Edosa

        I dont understand why you must play the Ethnic card all the time. i dont know what version you smoked this AM. its too strong pls mix it with grass.

    • Asuk

      Is that the right way to go? Are there no descent and civilized approaches?

  • Noble

    What is so special about this judge. Million s of Nigerians are also treated like this both at the state and Federal, but Wike have not said anything against such move. Why this Judge?

    • Asuk

      Let due process be followed. The rule of law is built on due process. Let’s not for our narrow interest support impunity .

    • Tea

      So in your view 2 wrongs make a right. Please go live in Sambisa forest, you don’t belong to a sane society

  • godwin

    I think what the Governor said makes sense. Why must the abduction /arrest or whatever be made in the night? The DSS motive is evil like armed robbers would do.
    Nigerians, do not be tired of calling on God, to deliver this Nation from evil.

    • Are you telling the security operatives what time to make an arrest? As far as there is an arrest warrant, night time is the best time.

  • reachbm@gmail.com Okeke

    This reminds me of militocracy.We may have sacrificed freedom and the rule of law on the alter of change

    • MUYI Edosa

      Okeke, was it the military that arrested the judge, 3 other judges were arrested in the north for corruption. 2 years ago a judge was arrested in the UK for corruption and nobody cried Militocray !

      • Don Franco

        Dear Muyi,
        Criminal judges will be death of this democracy! Pray tell, why do you think the NJC has dismissed 4 judges in as as many weeks? Nonetheless, it’s a lesser evil that criminal judges like Umezulike and Auta get away, than that the Federal Government play the ignoble role that the Police and DSS are playing in Rivers State.


    We wanted a strong leader.. Now we have it..Congratulations Nigeria

    • Jon West

      Keep quiet my dear man. We need a strong leader to take us to our destiny – disintegration!! Sai Baba, kudos to you and the Daura Security Services.

      • ILE IFE

        Laughing out loud……

      • By allowing security operatives carry out their statutory duty, Gov. Dankwambo of Gombe state has shown leadership. Your street urchin governor by default, Wike, has so many bones in his closet. The noose is tightening round his neck, and very soon Madam Peace and Mary Odili, will be asylum seekers.

        • rayden

          A reply very much expected from a half educated fellow. Allowing primordial sentiments drive your thought process, how sad. Sit down, reflect, think and ask yourself if your contribution in this space is reasonable. The shayi seller awaits you tomorrow morning, that’s were your mates are.

          • Cleansignorance

            Rayden, these people never think they speak stupidly and always out of contest. The only reasons driving their thought process are primordial sentiments, such as religious, regional, and ethnic affiliations. No matter how much or how often one attempts to be reasonable with them, they remain deaf, dumb and blind.

            Consequently, the South MUST secede from these barbaric 7th century Bedouin feudal vermin. Actually, I hate wasting my time commenting on the North’s and it’s Peoples backwardness. We absolutely have nothing in common with them, and that is why we must separate. Northerners disgusts me to no end.

        • Bassey Ndem

          Only in Nigeria does the type of politics played by people like Wike can survive. In civilized places Wike can be charged to court for obstruction.

      • Cleansignorance

        Jon, I think ILE IFE was merely employing sarcasm…….-:)

    • Godson Faithful

      Buhari is still far better than your clueless ineffectual buffoon-‘Jonadunce’.

    • Tony Oshea

      Strong,ignorant,illiterate and anti-democratic are wrong combinations. It is antithetical to have an ex military jackboot submit to democratic norms and values.Where is the separation of powers in an ideal democratic setting,with the judiciary managing its affairs as one of the tripod pillars of democracy?The real PMB is tentatively unravelling!