Boko Haram Threatens to Bomb University of Ibadan 

Boko Haram

By Ademola Babalola in Ibadan

Tension heightened Friday afternoon at the University of Ibadan following the circulation ‎of a letter purportedly written to all staff by a Boko Haram group threatening to wreck monumental havoc through ceaseless bombings of the institution, beginning from today, Saturday.

The alleged offence of the institution was for being the first university in the country that brought in and entrenched western education.

Reports say both teaching and non-teaching staff were in panic mood as others were discussing the messages which was now widely circulated within the university community. No official reaction has been made on the mail.

It was gathered that while some lecturers got the mail through their institutional e-mail addresses, others were copied through social platforms such as WhatsApp.

In the alleged mail, the group “al-wilayat al-Islamiyya Gharb Afriqiyyah” described University of Ibadan as an embarrassment to Nigeria for bringing western education.

Security has been strengthened at the university gates with scanning and ‘stop and search’ operation was being carried out leading to many resuming work very late as they spent more than an hour at the gate while traffic snarl was witnessed owing to the security screening.

While saying that UI doomed the nation , the purported letter threatened to begin detonation on the campus adding that most staff and students were going to die before independence day.

“You people are an embarrassment to Nigeria and are the people that brought in western education to Nigeria. You doomed this nation and in turn you all are going to be doomed”, part of the statment  read.

Most of you are going to die before Independence day. You will not spend the independence day in peace, you and your students. Detonation will start g from tomorrow till independence day and there is nothing you can do as we are among you. Even your little searches at the gate won’t do anything. By the time we are through with you, your government will be sorry” the terrifying message stated.

  • Oluwasanmi Yusuf

    I say a great kudos to those two men of honour, who have bring up idea to upgrade our economy from that Angle, I pray this idea will kick off and operate efficiently and effectively. Mr President pls give them maximum support. 3 gbosa to the governor and emefiele Godwin, the great UNN alumni.

  • Unite2013

    How did Yorubas end up in the same country with savages?

  • Dr. Jegede, Ajibade Ebenezer

    Greatest UITES kulu temper, nothing, I repeat nothing will happen. I urge all Islamic adherents on campus to be extra vigilant and impose surveillance on the activities of fellow muslims in order to guarantee a form of collective safety. And particularly to the Zikites, take charge without delay. Smoke out whosoever is of questionable appearance and be extremely vigilant. Avoid gathering or bunching together for now. We are solidly behind you. Let them try anything funny, their handlers will not find it palatable.

  • ed

    Where is the Suuni Sharia Prof Akintola the sharia Islamic leader in the south west. Please get Aregbesola and Buhari to call back their thugs.
    The devil is now in our backyard by the name of Islam.
    Western education brought out everything the idiot are using today.