MASSOB Backs Niger Delta Avengers’ Bombing of Pipelines

MASSOB Members

Christopher Isiguzo in Enugu

Despite the outcry trailing the activities of the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), pro-Biafra group, the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) on Saturday declared “total and unflinching support” for the avengers and other self-determination groups within the Niger Delta region.

MASSOB, in a statement by its leader, Uchenna Madu expressed delight at the consistent blowing up of pipelines by the avengers, noting that though they (MASSOB) had adopted a non-violent approach, any approach adopted by other groups to achieve the same objective would be supported.

Madu expressed satisfaction with the courage, selflessness and consistency with which the Avengers and other “Biafran warriors” were pursuing their mission.

But the MASSOB leader said blowing up of oil pipelines by NDA, “shows and proves the positiveness and acceptability of Biafra by our brethren across the Niger. It also rubbished the earlier diversionary, cowardice, stupid and negative comments / statements and position of some leaders of ethnic nationalities of the South South who were brainwashed by Hausa Fulani Yoruba oligarchies against Biafra. “


  • Kekedu

    Just don’t understand why people never learn. Several routes to an end yet people chose violence which begets violence… with economic and social life disrupted because of some bunch of idiots who think they are only fighting PMB. I sort of like the bombing to force the nation to re-think its over reliance on oil but I worry about IDP camps when the finally military move in. No school, no market, no church, no mosque, no wedding, no etc. North East is yet to recover.

  • KWOY
  • Xanthos1

    MASSOB should start blowing up the markets in SE too to show solidarity……

    • Okwuchukwu David

      They are not boko haram.

    • AUSTIN

      Not to worry. The blowing will start some where in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna….you know the rest…. You big dummy…!!

      • Xanthos1

        If u like, blow up your region.Going outside to where you mentioned will be an invasion. You know how ubiquitous yr people are…

    • Lawrenece Ifo

      Why not suggest to them to blow up oil facilities in Oguta, Awonmama,Egbema,Ukwa, Ukwuani and other places in Biafran hinterland? As it seems that you want to continue with your sophisticated age-long lies that there is no oil and gas in SE or Igboland.
      Don’t worry, they knows where they will bomb when they are ready.They are gleefully waiting for the Avengers to finish with the offshore before they will mop up the onshore.

      • Xanthos1

        They are welcomed…….

        • Lawrenece Ifo

          So why are you wasting your energy to suggest for them in the first place?
          Why not save it for the Avengers if you have any…Hahaha.

          • Xanthos1

            you are not making sense man

  • Lawrenece Ifo

    Looking at what the Hausa/Fulani and Yorubas did to the SE and SS part of the country in the midst of all the resources that accrues to the country from there, and having visited Soweto in South Africa, I am left with no other option than to conclude that a white man’s version of oppression against blacks can be termed to be of a benevolence species than what blacks,especially the so called elites can do to their fellow blacks.
    Sometimes I wonder if our education is just for mere human resources,bereft of humanity?
    How can a black government that was busy parroting against what the whites were doing against blacks by then do what the Nigeria government,headed by these tribes as victors did to their fellow citizens?
    Taking resources,creating billionaires among their own people,while they impoverish the owners and pollute their environment with reckless abandon?
    That is why it is cannot be gainsaid that no human being or group of humans with conscience will not support the Avengers in the face of arrogant neglect they have suffered and blatant appropriation of their resources through the arbitrary use of the instrument of state.
    As even the white South Africans gave the blacks some form of separate development projects to better their lives during apartheid. Unlike the wicked groups that populates this country.
    It high time people should start speaking out on the shameful black on black atrocities which is ongoing thing in the continent with the same vigor they use to speak out whenever the whites commits what can be termed to lesser atrocities if there is any.

    Other wise, if we continue to dehumanize ourselves like what they did in this country, while many maintained a we will reach to stage where we will have no moral ground to demand to be treated as human being by others!

    The country should weep for forcing the Avengers to take the legitimate steps they have taken so far.
    As nothing can ever make any abused and marginalized group to have confident and trust in pursuing any collective agenda with the perpetrators, and no amount of threat force can ever force disparate entities with justifiable bases for mistrust to coexist peacefully in this era of self determination.

  • Tayo Patriot

    Go and read the history of Biafran struggle. The Biafran nation failed because the Igbos were forcing the Niger delta region to be part of the biafraud. The Niger delta region can never trust Igbos because of their greed. If Igbos are desirous of braking away from Nigeria, they should all simply relocate to their five states. Nigerians will be happy to have an Igboless Nigeria.

    • Lawrenece Ifo

      I can see that you are an expert on how a group can break away,although you seems to be a dim-wit in terms of history.
      Who is forcing the Avengers and who forced you to loot other people’s resources and pollute their environment with reckless abandon?
      Igbos abi????

      • Tayo Patriot

        Have you heard about abandoned properties in most states of Niger delta .A testimony that the people of Niger delta region do not need Igbos.

        • Moon

          Biafra or never all hail Niger Delta avengers!!!

        • Lawrenece Ifo

          Are they bombing the pipe line and other oil fcailities because of the presence of the Igbos?
          May be they need the Yorubas and Hausa/Fulanis, and they are bombing, so that they can have access to them, and take oil blocks from Igbos and dash to them?

        • I sigh

          You rely heavily on the policies of divide and rule that started by Britain the continued by Nigeria. There is no other single tribe in the so called Niger Delta that out number the indigenous Igbo in that “region”. The last time I checked, Niger Delta consist of 8 to 9 states. State boundary is never a tribal boundary in Nigeria, for sure. There are Igalas of Anambra and Yorubas of Kogi and kwara. In the same token, there are Igbos of Benue and Kogi. You are wasting your time sticking on the divide and rule which was finally murdered in 2015.

    • Darlington

      What of Igbos in Delta and Rivers States? Divide and rule agent. Let Niger Delta Republic and Biafra emerge as separates countries, let see how ungrateful parasites like you will survive. Niger Delta has realised their mistake for not supporting Biafra struggle in 1967.