Buhari Blames PDP for Nigeria’s Economic Woes

Muhammadu Buhari
  • We failed to save for the rainy day, says Ajimobi

Tobi Soniyi in Abuja and Ademola Babalola in Ibadan

President Muhammadu Buhari monday held the Peoples Democratic Party’s 16-year reign responsible for the nation’s prevailing economic woes and said the party failed to save for the rainy day.

“In the First Republic, more enduring infrastructure was built with meagre resources. But in the past 16 years, we made a lot of money without planning for the rainy day”, the President said at a reception for a delegation of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), led by its President, Dr. Bernard Aliyu, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

“We showed a lot of indiscipline in managing our economy, and that is why we are where we are today” President Buhari said firmly, promising, however, that his administration would do its best to turn things around.

The President’s views echoed in faraway Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, where Governor Abiola Ajimobi attributed the comatose state of the economy to the country’s failure to save for the rainy day during the oil boom.

President Buhari in his presentation to the ICAO delegation explained that the country witnessed a decline in the quality of infrastructure development in the last 16 years in spite of the boom in oil prices, adding that even the First Republic administration with its meagre resources achieved much more.

He regretted that the PDP governments failed to grow the economy with the all-time rise of crude oil sales that hovered around $100 per barrel. “We showed a lot of indiscipline in managing our economy, and that is why we are where we are today”.

President Buhari said Nigeria needed to grow beyond emphasising its potential and assured Nigerians that his administration would do its best to develop the economy beyond rhetorics.

Said the President, “Nigeria needs to work on her potential, so that we don’t remain permanently at the level of potential. If Ethiopia is sustained largely by her airline industry, we have greater potential here. But we must move out, engage with the rest of the world, as we need to re-establish the integrity of this country. We need to rebuild this country again”.

Speaking earlier, Aliyu, the Nigerian-born ICAO president, commended President Buhari for his commitment to fight corruption and urged Nigerians to stand with their president in the on-going war against graft.
He asked Nigeria to pay more attention to the development of civil aviation.

“Civil aviation is a catalyst for economic development. The level of aviation development in any country mirrors the economic development of that country”, he said.

The ICAO president also pledged to support the development of the aviation industry in Nigeria, urging the country to improve on training and capacity development, aviation security, aerodromes and air navigation, runways, control towers and terminal buildings.

In Ibadan, Governor Ajimobi took a cue from President Buhari and attributed the pervading economic woes besetting the country to past regimes’ failure to save for the rainy day during the oil boom, which, he said, was worsened by the neglect of agriculture.

He said: “We did not save for the raining day when there was oil boom in the country. We relied heavily on income from oil. But we have all been jolted into reality now that a barrel sells for all-time low of $30.
“Nigeria has depended so much on oil which has now lost its value at the international market. So we have to look for alternative sources of revenue which is through aggressive investment in agriculture”.

The governor spoke yesterday during the state’s Agriculture Initiative Stakeholders’ Consultative Forum, held at the House of Chiefs, Parliament Building in Ibadan and said the forum was aimed at involving stakeholders in his administration’s resolve to diversify the economy of the state through the exploration of aggressive, all-inclusive and sustainable agricultural value chain.

The forum was attended by royal fathers, including the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi; Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Adetunji; Baales; local government transition committee chairmen and other stakeholders in the 33 local council areas of the state.

Ajimobi said the dwindling allocation from the Federation Account due to the fall in the price of petroleum in international market had called for massive investments in farming.

According to him, “The fall in crude oil price has done more good than harm as it has opened our eyes to the effectiveness of mechanized farming as our saving grace”.

The governor said Oyo has the largest expanse of arable land in the entire South of the country with 28,545 square kilometres, adding that it also has the largest concentration of agriculture research institutions in Nigeria.
Besides, he said, the state was strategically located to be the food basket of Nigeria, expressing regrets, however, that its potential had remained largely untapped over the years, short-changing the state of the huge revenue that could have accrued from agriculture.

Ajimobi, who said 28 out of the 33 local government areas in the state have been identified as agrarian, added that 100 hectares of land would be set aside in each of the council areas for cultivation.

He said the scheme would be all-inclusive, as it would involve students, civil servants, the state-owned College of Agriculture, Igboora as well as other agriculture research institutions based in the state.

While soliciting the support of the traditional rulers for the scheme, the governor said it would be driven by the monarchs whom he described as not only the custodians of the people’s culture and tradition, but also fathers of all.

He urged that the royal fathers should embark on the mobilisation of their subjects immediately on the need for them to see agriculture as the major bail out from the economic crisis currently confronting the country.
While speaking on his administration’s efforts at improving the state’s internally-generated revenue, Ajimobi said an arrangement had been concluded to also shift attention to mining as a money spinner.

“The mining sector will be critically looked into as there are federal and state laws that require miners to get government’s approval before embarking on mining activities,’’ he said.

The governor said henceforth, approval for mining activities by mining agents should be sought from the state government through traditional rulers in the affected communities. “Government agencies will be visiting communities to enlighten royal fathers and community people on ways to go about this without undermining the necessary inputs of the government as it had always been,’’ he said.

The traditional rulers, who spoke at the occasion, lauded the government’s initiative which they described as a veritable means of providing sufficient food for the teeming populace and increasing government’s revenue. They pledged to mobilise the people in their respective domains to key into the new agriculture initiatives of the state government.

The traditional rulers who spoke at the consultative meeting included the Oba Adeyemi III; Oba Adetunji; the Onipetu of Ijeru, Oba Sunday Oyediran; the Akibio of Ilora, Oba Stephen Oyeniyi; and the representative of the Soun of Ogbomoso, Chief Samuel Sobaloju.

  • Ehis

    You are in charge now, Mr. President. We know PDP failed, this is why you were voted in. I understand your frustration — the price of oil. This is however an opportunity to diversify. If there is a God i hope she (God is a woman) continues to depress the price of oil because we are way better than simply selling crude oil for survival. I hope the price become insignificant — like 5 dollar or less. We must industrialise, there is no other option. It is simple, the first thing is power or electricity – – get the Chinese to do it. But remember that it is a long term thing and don’t expect to fully diversify within 5 years.

  • Moses Okeafor

    Can this man for once stop bleaming the pastens and face the presentens if he really knows what to do otherwise he can continue runing from piller to post till his time is over.

  • vincentumenyiora

    See what I left out on my comment that is, if you want to establish or improve on your Aviation Transport please Nigeria should negotiate with Ethiopian authorities to help us out! Regarding your highways or roads to build good roads in Nigeria and you need them since you do not have good and reliable railway the Ministry of Works and Housing must start deploying the bitumen or asphalt raw material you have in large quantity in Ondo or Sun States that will help you to build durable roads apart from other aspects of the construction designs somebody should tell you people this even before now! If you have good and durable roads and railway your ‘recurrents’ in that sector will be almost halved – they should aim at building roads to last over 50 years as in Europe and America! See what is happening on your roads on the website http://www.virgo-enterprised.com on pages [6&7] of the Icon Contents showing! But please let the Ethiopian Aviation train your Nigerian Airways staff when you decide to buy Aircrafts and to improve on your Airways! See the website and you will see why your roads are all very deplorable even under dry seasons! May God help you people in Nigeria!

  • okechukwu

    When the president talks like this i see much more emptiness in his team. How did we end up with this president? I pray that Nigeria will survive this regime.

  • paul

    We all agree PDP messed up and we elected you to fix it, so which year will you stop blaming those that Nigerians sacked. If you know you cannot do the job, apologise to Nigerians and allow someone else to do it.

  • 2012Nic_2000

    The Questions to ask while discussing this issue are; was there any effort at a point in time to save for a day like today by the PDP government? Was the effort frustrated by Amechi and co who are today chieftains of APC? If our answers to above is yes, then APC is to be blamed for our woes and not PDP. Governance is about proffering solution to existing nations problems and not blame game. Leaders in countries like USA has at one time inherited bad economy and work hard to solve them. Why is PMB only going about blaming past leaders without thinking of solutions to our problems? Didn’t he know of Nigerian’s economic problems while campaigning for the position? What was his idea? to come and inherit a flourishing country and tour around the world like he is currently doing? He should proffer solution to Nigerian problems or shut up his mouth and quit if he have no answer to our problems.

  • vic



  • Terry Nnanna

    Amaechi and Oshiomole are suddenly missing in action. These vociferous advocates of sharing all revenue are very quiet in the unfolding drama.
    It was always my contention that Buhari did not have the intellectual capacity to govern a 21st century Nigeria. I had hoped I was going to be proved wrong. Alas, my prophecy has come to pass.
    The man is barely literate, yet he is posturing that he wont assent to the budget until “he” has “reviewed” it.
    Nigerians never cease to amaze me. They are comparing the state Obama met the US economy and the time it took him to turn it around to what we have here. This is comparing apples and oranges.
    Obama has a PhD from Harvard. The status of the secondary school certificate of our president is still indeterminate.
    There were clear and concise economic policies put in place to turn the US economy around. We have non from our president and his party.
    Post election of Obama, he has not once attributed any of his policy or economic failures to Bush. Jonathan is blamed for everything , from a rainy day to ones wife cooking a bad meal. We are daily assailed by tales of Jonathan being the genesis of all our woes.
    Methinks it is time for the APC to shut the F$$$ up and deliver on the litany of promises they made to Nigerians.

  • MUkintu

    The blame game continues even after nearly a year. Most members of APC were former PDP members who have now become saints. These psychopaths are quick to blame PDP for all Nigeria’s woes.

  • UOU

    Buhari will goto CR, one of these days and if he cannot sh..t, he will come out to announce that it is, Jonathan. Certainly, this is no more ordinary blames, something seem very wrong somewhere. Thank God Jonathan is not responding else they would have claimed, it’s Jonathan that is distracting them but as brilliant and intelligent as Jonathan is, silent is the best answer to a fool, a confused, dead brain opportunist that, only came for, Revenge instead of any other thing. Matter of fact, Jonathan governed for, less than 6yrs, Obasnajo took 8yrs, yaradua a little above 2yrs summing up, the 16years pdp reign. Now, this same buhari praised obasanjo few weeks ago, calling him all manner of good names, even a worthy statesman but makes a 360 degrees U-turn today to, blame pdp 16yrs govt, which obasanjo took the lion share. What a man!!

    • Toby

      He is constipate, can’t go to toilet and blames Patience Goodluck for blocking all the Aso Rock toilets.

  • vic



  • dawas

    Except perhaps buhari and tinibu, all APC member switched from PDP – Gulak. If this premise is true therefore APC is responsible for the woes or rather demise of Nigeria.

  • vic


  • vic


  • Dr Ayodeji

    Alagabagebe ti ofi owo ilu ko egbe alaimonra jo
    Supposing a divine break didn’t come in the last election, the sing song would have still been Transformation common wealth sharing agenda.
    Never again in Nigeria, and all their vestiges masquerading under Buhari’s image will be exposed by His grace.

    • okechukwu

      Sure you are not a native doctor but even if you are; Is it not very clear that this president can not identify the ills of Nigeria talk-less of finding solutions? Is it the ‘masquerades’ that stopped him from appointing ministers till the fragile economy lost control? Or the ‘masquerades’ blinded him from perusing the budget before ‘bowing’ at the NA? What signs are there to show hope? No budget, no policy, no direction?

  • Lawrence Iwebor

    Segun I wanted to comment on this topic but after going through your piece I decided not to write anything because you have said it all. God bless you.

  • Jumpingbrook

    Please stop all these blame game, stop traveling, sit down and work. Mchewwwwww

  • Brown

    The blame game continues!

  • vic


  • Kelly

    Our crying president! someone should please give him a box of handkerchief, the tears wont stop rolling. LOL

  • Ekere Nelson

    I am not surprised by this STATEMENT from BUHARIA. Had he took his time very well before making this weighty statement he would have known that he has shot himself in the foot. 1st PDP has had that culture of savings up to the JONATHAN period through THE EXCESS CRUDE ACCOUNT ECA before the NIGERIAN GOVERNORS FORUM headed by AMAECHI, prodded on by FASHOLA and other opposition GOVERNORS who are still part and parcel of the FEC today opposed the savings of excess oil revenue in the EXCESS CRUDE ACCOUNT. This Characters took the Federal Government to Court and the ECA died a natural dead. The Money was shared and is still being shared . If this APC administration is sincere he should ask AMAECHI,FAYEMI,FASHOLA and others what happen to the ECA.

  • mekushi

    In every Government , there are always different strategic approach to rulership, when PDP took over from military regime they devised their strategy of governance and the masses were not in pains as we are now. I humbly wish to advice the APC lead government to sit down and strategize how best to handle this nation with minimal or no grave impact on the masses . Otherwise, please I request the APC lead government to tell us the following;
    1. how did PDP increase pump price from N86.50 to N220 /liter
    2. how did PDP increase dollar to Naira exchange from N199 to N350
    3. How did PDP reduced the crude oil price to below $40 /barrel
    4. How did PDP made conflicting monetary policies by CBN lately
    5. How DID PDP made Nigeria budget to disappear from the first time in the history of this nation
    6. how did PDP make salary not to be paid as at when due since the inception of APC
    7. how did PDP made the N5000 promised to the youths not paid
    8. how did PDP made APC not to have workable and smart focus on how to lead the masses.
    we cannot be deceived .

    • John Paul

      1. The pump price is still N86.50. By the way, at various points during the idiotic PDP regime, during fuel scarcity, the pump price went above N250/liter. There was even fuel scarcity and N300/lite fuel in Nigeria during the week before power was handed over to this administration;

      2. Naira was already on a steep fall before this administration took over on the 29th of May, 2015 on account of a steep decline in oil prices. During the last decline in oil prices, the last administration was able to spend over $20 billion defending the Naira because OBJ left impressive savings in our reserves. The administration squandered all our last oil boom, with very little savings and placed us in the current mess;

      3. Oil prices are governed by the laws of demand and supply. Oil prices went below $40 a barrel in February, 2009, under PDP. We should move away from oil and diversify our economy;

      4. Nigeria does not have conflicting monetary policies. Our extant money policy is geared towards supporting agriculture, local manufacturing and diversifying our economy;

      5. The extraordinary scrutiny being placed on PMB’s first budget is a good thing. PDP almost all the funds budgeted for Nigeria’s development – and even looted funds that were not budgeted during their tenure in office. Including Dasuki’s $2.1 billion loot;

      6. PDP was owing Salaries at the local, State and Federal level all over Nigeria before this administration was sworn in on the 29th of May, 2015;

      7. This administration demonstration to be flexible by changing their minds on paying the youth N5,000 is a good sign. A government has to be able to try for better ideas

      8. Nigeria has already experienced the best event in its over 50 years political history. The masses kicked out a very corrupt PDP – inspite of Dasuki’s $2.1 billion loot. Everything else – including the noble war against corruption is extra

      In PMB succeeds, Nigeria succeeds

      • mekushi

        1. kindly take note that pump price in the Federal republic of Nigeria for the past 4 months has remained uncontrollable, ranging from N110 to N300 both in filling stations and Black markets under the most confused set of political party in the Nigeria History. It might interest us to note that statistic have it that oil black market thrives most under this regime giving an estimated value of N6 Billion been controlled by black marketers. statistics also have it that about 62% of Nigerians now spend about 8 hours in filling stations looking for fuel , this means out of 9 to 10 working hours a day , they are 8 hours non productive. what kind of economy is APC encouraging? may APCnomics

        under the watch of PDP this type of fuel madness never happened, the last pump price was N97.

        2. CBN Monetary policy in recent time is the most epileptic and armature monetary policy ever had in the whole world, clearly depicting confusion and lack of proper direction in a nations economy e.g

        a) The inflow of forex through autonomous sources will remain low, round tripping will continue to flourish in the forex market, given the high premium between the official and parallel market, as well as the transfer market. Transparency problem in the allocation of forex by the CBN will become more pronounced and vulnerable to corruption. Banks will witness increase in non-performing loans, as some of their customers face challenges with the current polices. Profit margins of businesses will drop because of the increased costs imposed by this policy.”

        Manufacturers, a vital component of any thriving economy, have equally faulted policies of the CBN which they say are not in agreement with the fiscal policies of the Federal Government.

        b) Indeed, the CBN in its last Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) also found it worrisome that Mr. President was undertaking some of these issues unilaterally, without the consultation of the monetary authorities, and thereafter, warned that if the practice continued, they will just be hastening Nigeria to recession latest by next. year, but I am quick to tell us here that Nigeria is already at the brim of recession.

        c) Specifically, take note that the monetary policy Committee noted that liquidity withdrawals following the implementation of the TSA, elongation of the tenure of state government loans as well as, loans to the oil and gas sectors could aggravate liquidity conditions in banks and impair their financial intermediation role, thus affecting economic growth,
        in the light of the whole drama currently going on , I still plead with APC lead government to take the bull by the horn, stop throwing blames and get down to work, even if the economy was battered by PDP , it would be a great opportunity to take glory for reviving the economy. PLEASE WE ARE FED UP WITH EXCUSES.

  • lanre lanre

    If a multi-trillion naira economy like ours need someone competent to manage it, would you leave it in the hands of PMB to manage? Nigerians, it’s high time we stop being hoodwinked. Our democracy allows crass incompetents and mediocre to govern intellectuals, if truly PMB has integrity has he claimed, he would have made himself Education or Defence Minister, but he chose Petroleum Ministry, try take a look at the Ministry account PMB manages,particularly the NNPC and the losses being declared monthly, yet he will still want a second term to correct the mistake of the first, and that’s a former head of state; and throw in the towel, that I don’t have the intellectual capacity to manage a trillion naira business entity like Nigeria humbly, and yet people still talk of integrity? Integrity my foot!

  • Leo Ben

    Always blaming PDP One year after you are still lamenting. After deceiving the people to get elected, its now excuses upon excuses. Only a lazy farmer blames his tools. Is it PDP that made us not to have fuel and electricity? you have being in charge for one year now you have to programme. it appears the only reason you came to power was just for the love of power.

    Here is your Score Card; 2015/16 Performance Index;
    Name; M. Buhari
    Mat No; 290515

    Courses; Grade
    1) Economy 101; FAILED
    2) Fuel 102; FAILED
    3) Dollars 103; FAILED
    4) Job creation 104; FAILED
    5) Electricity 105; FAILED
    6) Road built106; FAILED
    7) Insecurity 107; FAILED
    8) Poverty- 108; FAILED
    9) Inflation 109: FAILED
    10) FDI 110; FAILED
    11) GDP 111; FAILED
    12) Anti-graft 112. FAILED

    Total courses passed; NIL
    Total courses carry over; 12/12
    CGPA; 0.00%

    HoD Remark; re-screen his O/L sabiticate, please.

    Prof RawTruth
    Dept Of Growth Index
    Federal University Of RawFord.

    • Erinma Chiagozie


    • Toby

      Oh my God!

    • Nkoyo


    • Ijenaija

      Lol. Wow this is hilarious.

  • idris

    The fact that Amaechi was just sitting there mute whilst Buhari ranted deceitfully about failure to save for the rainy day by past regimes was for me the new high point (or low, if you like) in APC’s schizophrenic and value neutral propaganda game. The least Amaechi could have done was to politely remind the man from Daura that GEJ indeed worked very hard with NOI to put aside substantial savings for the nation but was vehemently opposed by Fashola, Oshiomole and Amaechi himself who insisted on sharing the money, and that it was part of the shared money that was used in prosecuting the very expensive APC campaign that won Buhari the presidency. Now, since the man from Daura insists on playing the blame game pray, who does he hold responsible for the blood chilling atrocities of the marauding herdsmen whose Cows his government is importing exotic grass to nourish? Whom does he blame for the zero MW and collapsing power situation in the country? Who does he blame for the zero policy initiatives of his government that has practically ground the country to a halt – whats the policy on petrol for instance, do we have subsidy or not or must we after 11 months still hold PDP responsible for the fuel queues? To be candid, I think the current situation is so shameful that even the usually loquacious ‘Lie’ Mohammed has since gone underground. In the meantime, at the Villa, the NASS, the Judiciary, the States and at the MDA’s (even at the EFCC) the looting, on a massive scale, continues even now, and who do we blame….?

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Gbam! Some of us are not as forgetful as Buhari and APC think.

  • MoreThanConqueror


  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    8 of the 16 years “wasted” of PDP reign were on the watch of a staunch APC supporter and member known as Mathew Olusegun Okikiola Obasanjo. His Vice-President was Atiku Abubakar (another strong APC chieftain). So, as far as I am concerned, this amounts to self-indictment. Furthermore, if senile, illiterate certificate forger and perjurer MuhamMADu (alias Customs and Exercise, French Franc, Deutch Mark and President Michelle of Western Germany) Buhari has nothing else but excuses to serve up, he should either die (and I mean real death) or throw in the towel. These APC imbeciles must think we are all unthinking idiots. Pray, what have PDP’s “sins” got to do with simple importation of petroleum products? As far as saving for the rainy day goes, APC members like Adams Oshiomonkey and Rauf Arobosola constantly harassed GEJ (although I admit he is a weakling to have succumbed) until the Sovereign Wealth Fund was shared. At a point, APC governors took GEJ to court just so the Excess Crude Account and Sovereign Wealth Fund could be swallowed. So, this hag called Buhari should stop regaling us with untenable excuses. On his watch, the Nigerian economy has completely collapsed owing to incompetent handling, lack of power and unavailability of fuel. Buhari and APC are a choreographed catastrophe and an orchestrated calamity.

  • vincentumenyiora

    Going by what this features is about I have said it much earlier that: All things strange and ludicrous about results of our activities economic and political Nigerians made them all possible! I am thinking is there provision in the Nigerian Constitution or elsewhere there is a laws that say – “Excess crude funds shall be shared, from time to time, by Governors (not LG Chairmen) – i. e. exclusively, and for what purposes; someday should please tell us – those of you who are vast in legal matters and records about terms and conditions of managing the affairs in Nigeria! This thinking brings to that my citation of “Sharecropping – Agbataekee” syndrome in Nigeria’s set-up! In a country like Nigeria struggling to find ways and means to establish factors of production and health services for its people will let a handful of CEOS TO SIT DOWN NOW AND AGAIN TO DISCUSS HOW TO SHARE THE PROCEDS FROM THE CRUDE AND GAS AS THEY REALISE THERE IS A BUMPER AND NOBODY SENDS WARNING SIGNALS ABOUT THE DANGERS SUCH POLICY WOULD CAUSE TO THE PEOPLE! You wonder what purpose the presidency, the Judiciary and the Attorney even the NASS is serving in countries to let this kind of thing continue in Nigeria! ‘Course I recognise the part the ‘umbilical’ attachment to the NASS hence that ‘sharecropping’ characteristics of the system in Nigeria and in particular the ‘Fiefdom’ nature of the system – making the so-called CEOs to assume such authorities that they can call meeting of Governors at will! I am urging President M. Buhari if there is not provision in the Constitution for ‘Excess crude fund sharing’ for Governors, the recovery of such funds must be part of the reforms on corruption OR they should tell us how the funds were appropriated/expended please! I mean we can’t be all talking and we let these few get away with the loots – Yes, you have recovered part of Sani Abacha’s loot as if he is the only culprit about Nigeria on his level of stewardsip since 1996 Buhari must as quickly as possible ask Britain also to declare publicly as America has just done, to expose the records they have of which PM MRS. MARGARET TATCHER TOLD US ABOUT ON HER VISIT TO Nigeria in 1987!

    President Jacob is going to pay or return the public money (fund) spent in his private property in Johannesburg – South Africa; I don’t see why these Governors should not be compelled to do same in Nigeria! Worse is that the L.Gs DID NOT EVEN GET PART OF THE MONIES SHARED! THEY MUST BE MADE TO RETURN THE FUNDS PLEASE THAT WAY YOU’LL BE SOLVING THE PROBLEMS OF DEFICIETS IN YOUR 2016 BUDGETS and you can also pay outstanding salaries and wages for workers so that they can pay their rents and mortgages in return and everybody will be singing ‘Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia – a DANIEL has come to good judgement in Nigeria!

  • Femiab

    President Buhari, God almighty will help you to achieve your desire for the development and turning around of this Country’s economy. The leaders of the past Govts who squandered the nation’s money/other resources and their supporters will be put to shame at the end of your achievement concerning this Country. God bless you

    • Toby

      He has already achieved his desire. He has 24 hour electricity supply in Aso Rock and you don’t have. The petrol tanks of his cars are filled, yours is empty. He travels round the world at zero dollar and gets estacode, but you with all your naira you can’t even get your travelling dollars at official rate of 197 but at 350. He now has a job, but hundreds of thousands are loosing theirs. God can not be mocked!

      • Femiab

        by your comment, it is true that you are a fool

        • Toby

          You see how foolish your comment sound. You were fooled to achieve his desire. I hope he doesn’t fool you a second time, otherwise people might term you a big fat fool for ever.

  • Okwuchukwu David

    If not saving is the problem we have today then apc is the cause of our problem. Oshomole,Amaechi and all apc senators and members of lower house.

  • MRnaijawantalk

    A lazy farmers blames his tools…..

  • Toby

    Blamer-in-chief at it again?

  • Asuk

    It’s been a shameful one year of lamentation without direction. How long will this confusion continue?The very people governors, ministers, commissioners and local government chairmen largely now in APC are the ones cursing and blaming the last 16 years. ENOUGH OF THIS HOLLOW PROPAGANDA.

  • westman

    Stupid president with unreasonable excuses. U no no say pdp don scatter Nigeria before you contest? U no no say pdp don scatter Nigeria before you promised us heaven and earth? Clueless Daura man, please come up with innovative excuses and not this boring song. If u can’t handle this pls better resign. There are thousands of competent men who can fix Nigeria within 4 months just that people like you won’t allow them in.

  • Blonde Johnny Bass

    A man that the gods have cursed will never walk right, Buhari is cursed and will stay that way until his death, a fool and dumb bastard. The fulani gang destroyed the national economy and this goat leader is taking nonsense again.

    • MUkintu

      Buhari has two words for all questions- JONATHAN OR PDP.

  • Segun Abiodun

    This clueless President should stop the blame game and get too work.
    There is enough blame to go around and the APC has a sizable part of the blame for our current economic problems.
    I recall that the then coordinating minister of the economy warned the nation of the dangers of not saving for the rainy day. In fact Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala made it a sing song every where she went to inform Nigerians on the need to save. This was when oil prices were above 100 dollars per barrel .
    However what happened?
    The National Assembly fought her and the APC governors fought her.
    The APC Governors led by Amachi who was then the Chairman of the governors forum and Raji Fashola opposed Okonjo Iweala and fought her every step of the way. They insisted that every kobo accruing to the Federation account had to be shared between the Federal Government, the State Governments and the Local Government.
    When Okonjo Iweala refused these governors Oshiomole inclusive labeled Okonjo Iweala an agent of the world bank and IMF. These Governors even took the Federal Government to court over this matter insisting that it was unconstitutional for the Federal Government to save.
    In the final analysis the Federal Government relented and the money was shared between the states and the Federal Government.
    It is on record from publications supplied by the Federal Ministry of Finance that out of the excess crude account Rivers , Lagos State and Kano State got the largest share of the money shared from the excess crude account.
    Okonjo Iweala showed that the amounts received by these APC states were significant. She showed that in a 4 year period a state like rivers got in excess of 5 billion dollars from the consolidated Federation Account.
    States like Lagos got over 2 billion Dollars while Kano got close to 3.5 billion dollars. Kano has the largest number of local government areas in the Federation and this attracts huge revenues as a result .
    The question that Buhari should ask his APC governors is what they did with all the money they received from the Federation account.
    However this clueless president can not do that. His hands are tied for he is a beneficiary of the theft that occurred by the APC governors. It is an open secret that Buharis entire campaign was funded on the back of money taken directly from the rivers state treasury.
    These same governors opposed Okonjo Iweala when she directly put away a savings of 1 billion dollars through the sovereign wealth fund for Nigeria. Amachi rained abuses on this woman again challenging the constitutionality of the said agency. However Okonjo Iweala refused and managed to push the establishment of this agency through.
    Peter Obi came out openly to state that the governors were a major obstacle to savings. He even said that Okonjo Iwealas appeals fell on deaf ears because most of the governors were far more interested in increasing their ability to spend than to save.
    A man like Oshiomole told Okonjo Iweala that why must the country save for the rainy day when it was already pouring.
    We as Nigerians must learn to tell the truth. The PDP as a party could have done a better job at saving. They should have followed the advice of Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala in instituting genuine reforms that would have brought fiscal discipline to our finances.
    Nigeria should have embarked on the removal the subsidy paid on petroleum products a long time ago . We should have again followed the advice of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala who advocated a quick removal of this major drain pipe in the economy. However we as a nation fought this woman and refused to take sound economic advice. Labor and and the likes of el Rufai went on TV to rain insults on Okonjo Iweala for making such a suggestion.
    Well Nigerians the Chickens have come home to roost.
    Both the PDP and APC have to share the blame of not saving.
    Individual Nigerians who grew accustomed to rent seeking are also to share in the blame for our current situation.
    What we now need to do is embark on true diversification of our economy. We need to go back to the regional arrangement that we had during the first republic. That structure has proven to be more effective in the management of our country.
    Buhari must immediately implement the recommendations of the national conference as a way of moving this country forward and stop the blame game.


      Good attempt even if I do not agree with part of your write up about going back to the regional system.
      Also, after correctly pointing to the culprits that refused the advice of Dr. Okonjo Iweala I do not accept your conclusion that both APC and PDP are to blame for our current woes. The blame rests squarely on those individuals that you mentioned.
      Anyway, our President Buhari will NOT listen to your recommendations neither will he listen to mine. Therefore, I will not attempt to tender any advice. This is simply because our views do not count!

    • ugonnaedward

      Thank you so much for this piece Segun. It is obvious most Nigerians have short memories. The clamore for savings by Ngozi was resisted by the current APC chieftains, and they have the audacity to say nonsense.
      Anyways we are not fools, we are only watching the drama of unpreparedness unfold.

      • Okafor

        When the Commander-in-Chief himself has turned to Blamer-in-Chief , there is no hope. Since the past one week there had been series of Blames, from Tinubu to Lai now to Buhari. If you’re ready to govern please call for early election. You were voted to Change things and not to continue to blame. We are tired of this.


          Buhari is intellectually unequipped to tackle Nigeria’s issues,he is presently very confused and totally overwhelmed by the complexities of the free market economy and the requirements of democratic governance.

          Nigeria is just on a ONE-CHANCE BUS TILL 2019. WE DON ENTER !!

    • Very sound!

    • Femiab

      Your comment here shows that you don’t know the workings of the Government. You mentioned Okonjo Iweala and some Governors which make no relevance. Federation Account is an account distributed among the Federal, State and Local govt. It is from the portion of the Federal Govt Allocation that the Federal Govt will save. Don’t just say what you know nothing about. Obasanjo accomplished the issue of communication (GSM) and saved over $56billion in foreign reserve but Late Yaradua (blessed memory) and Jonathan squandered the money and worse enough Jonathan did not save when oil price was over $120/barrel and there is nothing he can point at as his legacy other than corruption. Painfully now, the oil price is now less than $30/barrel and there are no buyers for it. So where is the tool you want this govt to work with?

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        You are the ignorant one here. Segun Abiodun is sprang on point.

        • SBA

          I am not surprised reading your comments. You are an expert in twisting truth and facts. But don’t worry, your sins will find you one day.

        • Femiab

          that shows you levels all-together

          • remm ieet

            This Buhari persecution is unbelievable! A man who declared his assets on arrival in office. His patriotism will see Nigeria through. I hope all the Buhari critics here are more patriotic than him. Let us eschew blind ethnocentricism. He must jail a few crooks first before he can perform. Unfortunately many of them have decamped to his party APC.

          • Toby

            The question for president integrity is what is he gonna do with those PDP thieves at his dinner table.

          • remm ieet

            Hilarious, my brother!

      • Daniel

        The Governor’s forum led by Amaechi forced Iweala to empty the ECA. They took the federal government to court over the matter.

        They even wanted the sovereign wealth fund shared too. It was vigorously supported by Tinubu and his political babies.

        We are not that forgetful. But can Nigeria not survive without oil?

        The APC is full of lazy brains so cannot generate wealth.

        • SBA

          You are a maroon honestly. Why will Amaechi and the governor trust Iweala with ECA account when they know too well it will be squandered by Jonathan. If the states insists money be shared can’t the FG save her own share of the ECA. Obviously Jona did not but went on spending and stealing spree

          • Daniel

            Okay. The chicken has come to roost. Now they are in Aso Rock. Let them find the money and develop. Enough blame game and propaganda.

            We have heard enough of what PDP did not do. Over 80 perc ent of PDP today is APC in colour.

            Political charlatans!

          • Mamus

            on point. gbam

          • Toby

            Who generated the 3 trillion naira in the TSA?

      • Dr Ayodeji

        Oh, Yaradua /GEJ also used the oil wind fall to actualize the dredging of River Niger from Lokoja to Baron, they constructed the second Niger bridge and they spent $9.2Billion to secure arms against Boko PDP Haram. Yeye omo ole!

      • Toby

        If the government doesn’t have tools to work, then it’s time to go home instead of blaming past workers who either stole or destroyed the tools. The blame games are so crazy.

      • John Akasike

        Here comes apc member and employment seeker

      • Kappa Kay

        Did you read the Segun’s write up? or you are just out to criticize. All your points are of the past. What is the plan for today, and tomorrow. It took PMB 10 months to address the states of the federation that they should identify at least 2 Agric produce as part of diversification of our economy even though the oil prices have been falling before Jonathan handed over. is Jonathan or PDP also responsible for this? Nigeria will move forward when we call a spade a spade,

      • A Aminu

        Femiab I de laugh wo. Hit Segun well well. Show no mercy. Did you read what he was saying about cluelessness and Buhari? And that APC governors did this and that? We’re there APC government pre-2015? Segun is only trying to protect his hero Okonjo Iweala.

    • Femiab

      Let us always be objective about issues not sentimental. Mind you I am not a politician nor Govt employee but I share the same feeling with the President who is making all efforts to turn things around for the good of this nation and I pray that May God help him.

      • Daniel

        Which effort?Buhari is only adding to the carbon footprint, thus causing global warming by travelling around the world.

        He has no clue. The party called APC has no future.

        I would plead with Nigerians to get ready for a long haul of tolerance till 2019.

        We made a grave mistake due to dirty tribalism.

        • vic

          clueless and futureless government of fudged-in president buhari.

          he is treating nigeria as if he is the president of daura duck enterprises.

        • Femiab

          because you lack focus and are of little faith

          • Daniel

            Faith? Hmmm religion is the opium of the masses. I have no confidence in Buhari.

            He is a buck passer. PDP is becoming popular again because of Buhari.

          • A Aminu

            Too early to conclude popularity Daniel. In politics, 24 hours is such a long time that things that did not happen in three Ana half years will happen.

      • vic

        and where are the results????

      • Okafor

        We’ve not seen the effort. In fact name the effort. What did he bring from his recent trip to USA? Only to tell the Nigerians there to come back. Come back to do what?

        • Femiab

          good news for those who believe in positive effort

          • Toby

            Please stop this.

          • desmond

            He is off to china again next week. Am sure to tell nigerians there to come back.lol

      • Dayo Akom

        Tell us the effort Buhari has made in 10 months of his presidency.

        • A Aminu

          Let me help my friend Femiab, and jump into your discussion. Buhari’s ability to stop unimaginable theft of our resources in the name of Fuel subsidy, and introduction of TSA, which completely stopped evil servants from stealing by way of multiple accounts in all 25 banks in Nigeria, and even banks with-holding genuine accounts opened by MDAs, are few of the efforts worth mentioning.
          You are living witness if you are following, UBA, FBN, and Skye banks were fined a total of 8.4bn Naira, for refusal to disclose government revenue accounts opened by MDAs, which if not for the TSA, these banks would have stolen these money running into hundreds of billions.
          Impunity in governance has seized to be the order of the day. Today, try putting up a building in Abuja or Lagos for sale. You will hardly find a buyer. Before, a Director of Finance from an MDA will pay the asking price without even a bargain. Because he is looking where to hide the stolen funds.

      • Sunday

        What we promised Nigerian’s is that we are coming to bad to good let do what we promised except bad is too big for us change to good the let throw in the towel

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Your post is incredibly detailed and factually accurate. May God continue to increase you in wisdom, knowledge and retentive capacity. You are an absolute gem.

    • Edon B.

      What else can I say? For you have said all. Therefore, for the record, I say thank you!

    • Kelly

      Am grateful to God that we still have Nigerians that have their memories working. I was almost thinking that we have lost every sensible Nigerian to the “Change” noise and propaganda going on in both the print media, online, electronic media etc.@ Segun, you just gave me hope that our people are not all dumb. Thank you.

      • Okafor

        Thank you Segun and God Bless

    • Simple truth

      To the extent that I agree with you on the insistent that the gov opposed the supposed savings by NOI. It’s expedient to note that this monies were shared between the tiers of govt,without trying to sound immodest,what happened to the federal,State and local govt share of the monies? If the states and local govt can’t account for theirs (which should be probed) how about the federal govt part of it with 52% of the allocation(without any infrastructural development attached to this allocation),your guess is as good as mine. If the needful had been done by all the tiers of govt in investing such funds in infrastructural development,diversification of the economy and human capital development I think we should not be where we are today. Moreover,the grand larceny of our collective patrimony by that administration with its attendant overnight billionaires (those one can’t trace their source of wealth except the patronage by the govt in power ie the likes of Tompolo et al) it produced bellows the fact that govt lack competence to moves us forward. It’s a known fact that corruption eventually became a norm and looters celebrated and given heroic welcome,I would rather not compromise the future of my children than allow such administration continue. We have a common ground that all is not well however,I disagree to the point of not given this govt a chance to prove their mettle,if it fails then we can only move forward but not given them that 4 yrs mandate to fail or succeed is rather ingratuitous

      • Dr Ayodeji

        You have spoken to the truth,which is the hallmark of a scholar. While some people may be harboring high blood pressure on PMB speech out of sheer purile hatred, your analysis is detailed and straight to the point. Thank you!

        • John Paul

          “Onu na ekwu njo ga emesia kwuo nma” – Igbo proverb

          Translation. The mouth that speaks ill will eventually speak good

          Indeed, our president is correct.

          When PMB arrived at the scene, Boko Haram was winning the war against terrorism, the morale in the armed forces was very low, corruption was at its peak, oil prices had crashed, there were bad roads everywhere, workers were being owed salaries, the savings in our reserves was disgraceful especially in light of the oil boom that we had just experienced, there were leakages everywhere, the Federal Government was borrowing money to meet its obligations, the new administrations was not given handover notes, and Geometric power supply was not even allowed to supply electricity to the City of Aba and environs

          As we speak, Boko Haram is on the run, the war against corruption is on track, leakages are being plugged, multiple hire-powered Refineries are being built simultaneously, Nigerians consciousness is being shifted to a diversified economy and the quagmire between Inter State Electric and Geometric Power Company has been resolved to the satisfaction of Aba residents

          This administration has three more years to go, they have not even passed their first budget. It is too early to judge.

          Moreover, if national elections were to be held tomorrow, APC will still win because PDP’s savage looting of Nigeria’s resources and the multiple effects of such looting, is still fresh in the mind of the masses

      • Ijenaija

        Sir, nobody is denying this government the chance to prove their mettle, what we are saying is that they should stop the blame game and get cracking. Besides, we are not even saying they should solve all the problems within this first one year, but what we are saying is that they should in terms of their policy articulation show where they are going and match such with action. That way we will have comfort, and applaud them knowing that from the first steps they have taken, they may indeed bring about the change we so desire. But what do we have, blames and complaints! Btw, we are all aware that the government’s 52% share of the revenue then was largely deployed for recurrent expenditure, which in my own view is a political issue and that’s why we all advocated for reduction in the size of the federal government. I am not sure it is entirely correct to say the money was all stolen

      • Kappa Kay

        There’s a saying that the morning show the day, if rather than roll up your sleeves and get to work to correct the known, identified errors of the past you are only playing blame game then I am afraid the outlook is gloom. To insult our intelligent, the government have refused to acknowledge that the principal actors who fought the idea of saving for the rainy day, and masters of corruption (Ameachi & Fashola) are the star of this administration but will rather highlight other folks as you have just stated (Tompolo etc), there are many bad northern elements that can be mentioned but the issue is not the past but our today and tomorrow. If our analysis after 4 years is expected to be positive we must challenge, speak up, light fire on the ass of this government, and proffer solution rather than find excuses and blame past actors

    • Ahilabegbe

      Segun God bless you real good. Nice one.

    • zino

      Thank you Mr. Segun. We as a country have gone on selective amnesia. I thought I was the only one who remembered that Okonjo Iweala cried a lone cry about our savings. And it is on record that it was APC governors that resisted her the most. I am glag someone remembers.
      Someone should please tell this president and the APC that elections are over. It’s time to unify the country and get everybody behind him to move this nation forward. Enough of this blame game. He should settle down to work. That is why he was voted in.

    • IK

      Need to also add that the SWF generated a profit in excess of #25 billion this year and 15billion in 2015. Let them also blame the PDP for this profit

      • A Aminu

        IK I beg to disagree with these your figures. Where did you get them. Can you please give us a link so that we verify them.

        • IK

          Vanguard, April 5, 2016.
          Profit for 2016 was #26.3 while 2015 was #15.77.

    • John Akasike

      God bless you for your truthfulness devoid of ethnicity, religion, regional, etc. I wish Nigerians can be open minded and speak the truth regardless, so that we can move this country forward. I really don’t care which part of the country you came from, let us have reasonable discussion without unnecessary vilification.

    • Mamus

      thanks for reminding us once again!

    • A Aminu

      Were there APC Governors when Dr Okonjo Iweala was minister of Finance? Does Buhari who made the statement blaming PDP for not saving for the rainy day, have any constitutional powers to force it on the country at that time to save?
      The PDP government headed by Goodluck Jonathan has that power and he fail to exercise it. If Okonjo Iweala has courage, she should have resigned for the failure of the government at the time to listen to her.
      I agree with you that some of the governors were irresponsible in refusing to listen to her, and were making sarcastic remarks as quoted by you. But it falls on the leader of the economist team and co-ordinating minister of the economic team to do what was right. I would resign if I were her, knowing what is was advocating at the time makes economic sense and was the right thing for the country.
      Goodluck Jonathan failed to also impose a saving culture to the governors, and the economic team, as together, they would have defeated the irresponsible governors that were all out for sharing the petroleum reserve fund. There was just no economic blueprint at the time, the national reserve was not a thing to worry about, which at a time was depleted to as low as $23bn, and excess crude account to as low as $2.3bn.
      Is that not shameful enough, and a basis for Buhari to make the blame statement that PDP caused our economic woes. If not PDP, then who caused it. I still maintain, there was no APC governors at the time PDP was playing with our economic future.
      Let’s be sincere with ourselves, Buhari need not to waste his words and making the blame game. PDP is to blame for our economic woes. Was GEJ not the president, and they say the Bucks stop on his table?
      Was the PDP not in the majority both at the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the cabinet of GEJ? What did they do with the majority? Fried it?
      What is clueless in the president saying the truth? You said it in your write up, and I quote you Segun…….”we Nigerians must learn to tell the truth. The PDP as a party could have done a better job at saving.”
      Were these not you words, and view? Is saving not key to national planning? So what is clueless or where is the cluelessness of Buhari in being sad, that a party that had ruled for 16 years, with an absolute majority in the two chambers of our parliament, and a free hand in forming government at the cabinet level without any forced marriage of a qualition government, not be blamed for our economic woes.
      Would you like to defend what you wrote, believe in, as quoted by me from your angry write up. You lost your top Segun, and reading your write up, I read a view of an aggrieved person trying to defend a friend- Okonjo Iweala. I still maintain, if I were her, I would have resigned my commission.

    • A Aminu

      was there APC governors in government when Okonjo Iweala was minister of finance. There was no APC then. APC cane to power after the 2015 election, by which time Iweala has seized to be minister.
      Why didn’t she resign when she advised that there should be savings for the rainy day and she was vehemently opposed by Ameachi and Adams Oshimhole? I would resign if I were her?
      Goodluck Jonathan was in charge, why didn’t he insist that there should be savings despite resistance. We elected him president, it is him and his party we hold responsible for our woes.
      Where is the cluelessness in Buhari, who was not in power at the time it was raining?

      • Segun Abiodun

        Maybe for you resignation is the only solution to any problem a minister faces.
        Cut and run anytime there is a problem.
        For Okonjo Iweala that may not be a viable solution to the problem.
        What happens to Nigeria if all good men run away because of an emerging problem / difficulty?
        Have you sat back to think about Nigeria?
        Whatever Okonjo Iweala has achieved in life today is partly due to her being Nigerian the strong foundation she got in her formative years in Nigeria certainly played a major role in her development so her personal interests must be subsumed into the national interest and must be subrogated to the collective interest.
        In my opinion she did the right thing by staying and managing the economy at a difficult time It shows character and love for country.
        Those who criticized her before now know better – people like Fashola Amachi Oshiomole el Rufai to name a few.
        One only has to look at their performance now when saddled with national assignment and compere same with NOI to see difference.
        I am sure you understand my logic

        • A Aminu

          Yes Segun resignation should not be the only solution but is a solution to a band of irresponsible governors who gang up to frustrate Dr Iweala. Solution to refusal of the president at that time to steak to a policy that would be better for Nigeria, rather than sharing the excess crude accrued account. This is all what the savings were all about. But I concede that your line of argument is a little more nationalistic approach. Who knows what GEJ said to her when she came cry that these governors are behaving like hungry lions? May be he begged and begged that she should let go. That is where the cluelessness of GEJ comes to light.
          Now answer my questions. Was APC in power when there was failure to save for the rainy days. We’re there APC governors at the time? There were none. Was Buhari clueless as you said in your narration? If PMB was in power, these irresponsible governors will not have their day. TSA today has N3tr, in its kitty, may be more by now. These are funds laying waste in different banks, and some of it might be stolen by now by banks, and civil servants as evidenced by fines imposed on FBN, Skye bank, and UBA for concealing the accounts.

          • Segun Abiodun

            Thanks Aminu for largely accepting my position on the appropriate action to have been taken by Okonjo Iweala in light of the behavior of those vampires we call State governors.
            If you read my posting well you would see that I blamed both political parties for the current quagmire that we find ourselves in . This is because Amechi, Kwakwaso etc , were not in APC at the time. They were technically in PDP although it is clear to everyone the we were simply dealing with the voice of jacob but the hand of Esau
            It is also not clear what these governors would have been able to do if GMB was president at the time.
            Buhari is a beneficiary of fraud against the Nigerian state and for you to pretend that he is a saint is actually delusional.
            Buharis entire campaign was funded on the back of money stolen from the coffers of rivers state. He knows and pretends that nothing happened in this regard. What this has done to his reputation is nothing but damage. Buhari to most Nigerians today is nothing but a shadow of himself.
            He has also run away from the tough decisions of running the Nigerian state preferring to play the ostrich while governing from the air.
            My brother Aminu Buhari today is nothing but a failure and that is the truth.
            If indeed you would like us to debate his effectiveness in governing I am every ready however note that Buhari has so far not lived up to the expectations of Nigerians.
            He has been slow to action in every aspect of governance and this has hurt Nigeria more than it has helped the nation
            Buhari is a Neanderthal man functioning in the modern era.

  • vic



  • Terry Nnanna

    Are these guys not ashamed of peddling this same nonsense? Can you please come up with a more innovative excuse? After promising so much, you could at least have the decency to ask Nigerians for time to articulate your solutions.
    Talking about rainy days, may we please hear from Oshiomole and Amaechi the apostles of share all the revenue? These guys roundly condemned Iweala for daring to suggest that we should save any money. They pointedly asked her whether she had any mandate from their states to save money on their behalf.
    It has become very obvious that the APC does not have any spectacular solutions to our problems.
    They got power based on the primordial need of the North and the inherent desire of every Nigerian politician to steal from the commonwealth.
    They are no saints in the APC.

    • Troy

      Very correct and well articulated!!!

  • Chimdindu Eben Osuagwu

    Dear President Buhari … imagine that hours ago, a past PDP President, the only one to rule for 8-years was warning in silence that ‘trouble dey sleep, inyanga wan wake am up’, indicating that his reply, if further provoked, will be more caustic than his famous ‘letter to President Jonathan’. In fact, he wish he had existing APC membership card to tear on TV if further provoked. But I tell you, General, nothing mega, let Baba Iyabo compose his armoured reply to this naked alibi-truth being told Nigerians by our ‘high-integrity’ President. Remember Baba’s candid admonition during his Aso Rock visit weeks ago when the Baba asked … ‘na integrity Nigerians who voted for you go chop’? Lastly, Baba says he remembers something that still troubles his spirit … the fact that there is yet no effective answer yet to Patience Jonathan’s campaign question .. .’this APC Presidential candidate = he go fit perform’? Sooner than later, a fitting answer to Patience Jonathan’s question will either be provided by Obasanjo’s reply to our President’s assertion of 16-years of PDP mismanagement culpability (50% by Obasanjo Presidency alone), or by constructive collective and responsible ‘APC magic performance’ under your integrity leadership. As things currently stand, Baba Iyabo’s question is resonating with the masses … please answer … ‘na integrity Nigerians who voted for you go chop’? Bishop Mathew Kukah warned earlier ‘anti-corruption alone doesn’t add to good governance’.

    • PlusOne

      The BEST I’ve read on here. Classic!

    • Toby


    • Femiab

      You have not said anything. Jonathan is supposed to be in detention or self exile by now if Nigeria was like other advanced countries of the world.

      • Toby

        Detaining him or been on self exile will give you electricity and petrol. Stop reasoning like Buhari.

      • Say Thetruth

        What is your Baba waiting for as you don’t like the peace you are enjoying?

  • Troy

    This is now childish, oga Presido! wake up and realise that you are the C-in-C and President. Haba Mallam! stop this puerile blame game and get cracking with the job at hand. It is almost one year gone and it now apparent who the real clueless one is. PMB will take the trophy of stark cluelessness home for keeps. Where are all the internet warriors who argued so blindly and foisted this disaster of a government on us????? I honestly hope you guys are enjoying the gross darkness and petrol wahala?

  • Ekenny

    Governor Fashola once said ” If the kitchen is too hot, come out” This blame game is getting too banal. PMB has rightly noted during his campaigns that PDP has finished Nigeria, how come he never fashioned out a way to unfinish it. This is an outright display of absence of capacity, competency and capability excuse me Oby

  • Teejay, Abuja

    Enough of the blame game. That was not the single reason Nigerians voted you into power. People’s suffering has increased and keeps increasing in g.p. Nigerians are not unaware of the rot in the previous administration but it shouldn’t be used as the reason for non-performance.

  • onyebuchi IKEKAMMA

    The President should stop pointing accussing fingers on those responsible of the nation’s economic woes but try as quickly as possible to start rectifying failures and lay a new plan for infrastructural and economic restructuring. We need an APC program for a way forward. We are tired of stories and blames. The President should sit down to work. Enough of

    • PlusOne

      Western ideology: blame your predecessor on your economic ills & get off lightly. I thought you have professors and herdsmen on your team?

      Come on Buhari, we know your $9 billion plan to rehabilitate NE, remember SS, SE and all those marginalized by your one sided govt.

    • okenwa

      Onyebuchi, na who do this to nigeria? Chai buhari, chai.

  • Intrepid

    Solving the blame games equation:
    OBJ = 8 years
    Yar Adua = 2 Years
    GEJ = 6 Years.
    Total = 16 years
    Apportioning blame accordingly; Obasanjo carries the day.
    Meanwhile keep on blaming, Buhari, until your four years runs out. The real clueless one.

    • Darlington

      Point of correction, GEJ spent 5 years not six. (May 2010 to May 2015).

    • Femiab

      Obasanjo stands out. He deals and solve the issue of communication (GSM), cancelled our debts and save over $56billion in foreign reserve as legacy for the nation. Yaradua died within 2 years. What legacy did your GEJ for 6 years leave behind other than corruption? Tell us

      • Daniel

        Fashola confessed GEJ is the only President that had built the longest kilometers of roads. That generated thousands of jobs.

        Amaechi confessed he did not know there was a functioning rail system. He even pledged to continue with GEJ’s policies. Kaduna -Abuja is set to take off.

        GEJ kick polio out of Nigeria. Buhari wants to take credit. In fact they are still on GEJ’s economic template, just that they are lost in the middle.

        Do not be deceived by Buhari’s anti-corruption smokescreen. He is clueless.

        By the way is Lai still in this government. We need a fresh cocktail of lies…

        • Femiab

          Where are those thousands of youth being employed? And is it just GEJ’s policies without implementation that move the nation forwad?

          • Daniel

            You have not been reading. Recently the minister of finance said they would release 350 billion naira to contractors so that they could re-engage workers.

            Are you not aware the contracts have been halted due to uncertainty of Buhari’s do -nothing , but blame?

          • Nkoyo

            All talk…….no do!

      • Okafor

        Jonathan left $30bn for Buhari. Let Buhari deny it.

      • UOU

        One day your sugar level will too high that you would not be able to urinate, which is health issue but you will look for Jonathan to blame, shame on all of you, that depends on lies and propaganda, its no more fashionable, does not fly anymore

      • Toby

        So why the 16 years? You see how dishonest your arguments fall flat?

  • stan Emelogu

    The excuse president is at it again. Blaming PDP for everything that has happened, that is happening and will happen is akin to men blaming women today for Adam eating the apple Eve gave to him a few days after creation- according to the bible. At some point it should be obvious to Nigerians that Buhari/APC have no plan for Nigeria except to blame the PDP.

  • Kenny

    And how about PDP blames past military leaders for messing up the country and for failing to develop strong institutions? Nonsense excuse! They should tell these clowns that campaigns are over…there is a winner who should focus on the job. It is defeatists to keep looking for who to blame. If they choose to focus on who is to blame for the country’s woes, I believe there is enough blame to go round. Get job done, Oga. Unfortunately, it seems these guys are overwhelmed. You see, it is always easier to play opposition from the outside.

    • Naija United

      Oga Buhari we don hear, ok Next Excuse Sir. Only bad workman quarrel with his tools

  • XRAY

    Your Excellency, when will this blame game going to end? You have what it takes to turn the economy around now. You have the power and mandate as the C-I-C, the appointed ministers, a passed budget estimate for the current fiscal year, you also told us a few days ago that the TSA account with CBN has gathered 3trillion for a start. I think the best option here is to set the ball rolling because the more you wait, the more Nigerians are dying of hunger and starvation. Time is of essences here.

  • mikapower

    Excuses for lack of performance.Buhari and APC will blame PDP for the current fuel scarcity.APC and Buhari remains the biggest failure ever.