Nigerians Need Succour, Not Emotional Blackmail

Notes for File

President Bola Tinubu last Tuesday acknowledged that Nigerians were facing challenging times, but noted that the harsh economic realities were not unique to only Nigerians.  

He sternly cautioned criminals against vandalising rail tracks and stealing electric cables as a way out of the widespread poverty biting the nation hard, describing such acts as pure sabotage.

Speaking during a visit of a National Assembly delegation who came to felicitate Eid-el-Kabir with him, Tinubu said that good economics at a harsh time was the challenge his administration must face, adding that no matter how difficult and how challenging it could be, he would not turn his back on Nigerians.

While the president’s recognition of the severe economic hardships in the country was noteworthy, his assertion that Nigeria was not alone in facing this crisis could be perceived as emotional blackmail.

The president should be reminded that poverty alleviation is one of the major responsibilities of government.

Some state governments have weaponised poverty and distributed cups of rice, garri and other foodstuffs, which cannot feed any household for three days and claimed that they distributed palliatives worth billions of naira.

While the complete eradication of poverty is not feasible, the current level of economic hardship in the country is unacceptable to its citizens.

The president must deliver lasting solutions to the harsh economic policies he implemented. No matter how spoken, sweet words offer no relief to the pervasive hunger in the country. 

President Tinubu must dig deep into his arsenal of strategies to find solutions to the terrorism he inherited to allow farmers to safely return to the farm. 

A critical part of the economy that needs salvation is the fiscal and monetary challenges. It is no news that Nigerians hardly get value for their money. The president must prioritise addressing these issues to improve the overall standard of living.

More importantly, there is an urgent need to reduce the cost of governance. Excessive extravagance and opulence among government officials only serve to erode public confidence and hope.

Genuine change hinges on implementing these essential reforms, otherwise criticisms of the administration will not only persist but also grow louder.

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