Data, AI Leader, Abel Aboh, Inducted into Hall of Fame in UK

Abel Aboh, a Nigeria born British leading Data Management leader in the data, technology and AI space has been inducted into the Data Hall of Fame in the United Kingdom.

In a recent announcement, Mark Dexter, a prominent figure in the data management community in the UK, celebrated the induction of Aboh into the United Kingdom Data Hall of Fame.

Aboh, currently works for the Bank of England, the UK Central Bank responsible for monetary and financial stability. He has made significant contributions to the field of data and AI, earning recognition for his extensive experience and innovative approaches.

Last year, President Bola Tinubu congratulated Abel Aboh for his appointment into the Data Lab Scotland Board.
The President said: “I congratulate Abel Aboh for his appointment as a Board member of the Data Lab Innovation Centre in Scotland, United Kingdom. The success story of Aboh will certainly motivate many Nigerian young people in the technology space to achieve more excellence. This great
Nigerian has made our country proud and I am particularly happy about the honour he brought onto himself and our country.”

Aboh’s journey in data management is both inspiring and noteworthy. His career began with a transition from an HR role to data, where he climbed the professional ladder through positions at renowned organisations such as easyJet, HSBC, and BAE Systems. His work at BAE Systems Naval Ships, particularly with the Type 26 Global Combat System (GCS) Transformation Programme, stands out as a pivotal moment. Aboh was part of a groundbreaking team that established data management as a core business capability within the complex and intricate realm of naval engineering. This “data war zone,” as Abel describes it, allowed him to develop and embed robust data management frameworks from the ground up, fostering collaboration and ensuring crucial buy-in from key stakeholders.
In addition to his current role at the Bank of England, Aboh serves as a board and committee with several organisations, including The Data Lab – Innovation Infrastructure Centre, The Law Society Scotland and West Lothian College. His dedication to the field extends beyond his professional duties; he has developed frameworks such as the Pillars of Data Management and Top 10 Tips to Successfully Deliver Data Management, which have been influential in the industry.
Last year, the Nigerians in diaspora commission (NIDCOM) awarded Aboh, the Diaspora of the Moment, a prestigious award for Nigerians diaspora by the Chairman/CEO Hon. Dr Abike Dabiri Erewa.

Aboh’s recognition goes beyond personal achievements. As he stated in his acceptance post, the true honour lies in using his voice, skills, and experiences to inspire others within the data and technology community. He emphasises the importance of practical insights and collaborative environments in driving success and transformation.
The Data Talent Scout’s Hall of Fame honours leaders who not only excel in their professional endeavours but also contribute to the broader data and technology community.
Aboh’s induction is a testament to his impact and dedication in the field of data, AI and technology.
Mark Dexter, the Founder of The Data Talents Scout and former CEO of KDR Talent Solutions UK trusted data, analytics and technology recruitment and talent solution agency spanning across the UK, US and Europe, highlighted Aboh’s passion for data, technology, education and community, his ability to relate real-world challenges to the theoretical aspects of data and technology, making his contributions both practical and visionary.
In his heartfelt acceptance message, Aboh expressed gratitude for the recognition and reiterated his commitment to empowering others.
He acknowledged the collective effort of the community that shaped his journey and emphasised the significance of representation and purpose-driven work in uniting workplaces and communities.
As the data, AI and technology industry continues to evolve, leaders like Abel Aboh play a crucial role in contributing and shaping its future. His induction into the prestigious Data Hall of Fame is not only a recognition of his past achievements but also for his country Nigeria and an inspiration for current and future data and AI professionals in the UK and Nigeria

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