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PANDEF Urges Judiciary to Be Fair in Handling Presidential Petition

PANDEF Urges Judiciary to Be Fair in Handling Presidential Petition

 Sunday Aborisade in Abuja

The Southern and middle Belt leaders forum (SMBLF) held an emergency meeting in Abuja, yesterday, and called on the judiciary to ensure fairness in the ongoing judicial processes at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal in accordance with the rule of law.

SMBLF, which is led by Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, in a communique after their meeting, cautioned the judiciary, at all levels, to be mindful of the fact that the present process remained a true test in the effort at building a country based on rule of law and respect for the constitution.

SMBLF noted that it was the expectation of Nigerians that the outcome of the processes would be a reflection of the provisions of the Constitution of the country, which must be sacrosanct, and the rights of all affected parties upheld based on the provisions of the laws of Nigeria.

It however, commended the various parties for subjecting themselves to the expected judicial processes in line with the Constitution and the Electoral Laws of the country.

SMBLF also commended the Nigerian youths for their courage and astuteness in expressing their interest in the future of this country and called on them not to become discouraged by some of the outcomes.
Expressing concern over the increasing debts incurred by the federal government, particularly, the recent request for $800 million World Bank loan, it called on the federal government to rescind the request.

The elder statesman further decried the rising cost of living in the country and the hyper inflation rate, which he claimed had been confining a vast majority of ordinary Nigerians to a dire state of survival.

It implored government at all levels to take urgent and practical steps to rejig the economy, check inflation and help improve citizens’ wellbeing and prospects.

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