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Ocean Glory Commodities Commissions Large-Scale Integrated Rice mill in Abuja

Ocean Glory Commodities Commissions Large-Scale Integrated Rice mill in Abuja

The large-scale integrated rice mill commissioned in Sheda was a Federal Government’s partnership with Ocean Glory Commodities Limited, and the mill has a production capacity of four tonnes per hour. The President was represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr Mohammed Abubakar, said other nine large-scale integrated rice mills are soon to be completed and commissioned across the country.

Commissioning the Large Scale Integrated Rice Mill, located here in Sheda, Kwali, FCT, as one of the 10 mills embarked upon his Administration for the purposes of expanding domestic rice production and achieving self-sufficiency in the country.

He added that, “For the past eight years, this regime has intensively promoted and supported Agricultural development in the country through the Anchor Borrower Programme, the Fertilizer Initiative, Grain Aggregation Centres and Special Agro-industrial Processing Zone Programme.

“This is line with the Food Security’s component of this Government’s nine priorities. Indeed, as such, our agricultural development strategy has enabled the increased output recorded in critical arable and cash crops.

“This accomplishment clearly demonstrates our commitment to addressing critical infrastructural projects and keeping with the ideals of the ‘Change Agenda’ to ensure prudence in the management of public resources, value for money considering the huge investments in this project.

“We have witnessed the rapid increase in domestic rice production from the incentive given to farmers and processors over this period as a resolution of leveraging our potentials, producing what we consume and patronize local made products.”

He also maintained that Nigeria has the capacity and resources to remain food secure based on the comparative advantage she possesses, “In the agricultural sector, we indeed have the capacity to be food secure if we rightly harness and deploy our human and material resources.

“An aspect of this commitment is the establishment of ten Large Scale Integrated Rice Processing Mills located across the North West, North East, North Central, South-South and South West Zones of the country.

“The concept is a Public Private Partnership between the government and the anchor investors to increase the country’s processing capacity for rice production and fill-up demand-supply gap and make the country self-sufficient in the commodity value chain.”

However, the President charged stakeholders of the Mills, especially, the management to “ensure efficient operations, good customer service and maintenance culture in the operations of the mill.”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr Mohammed Abubakar, on the sidelines of the event asserted that Buhari is the champion of Nigeria’s agriculture, and said his predecessors could not diversify the economy as promised but Buhari has achieved that.

Speaking at the event, Peter Cole Chiori, GMD/CEO of Ocean Glory, expressed gratitude for the longstanding relationship with the Nigerian government and the consistent support received from various government agencies.

He emphasized that this support has enabled Ocean Glory to contribute significantly to the Nigerian economy through local production and the export of high-quality Nigerian products.

“The Ocean Glory Rice Mill has also created numerous employment opportunities, positively impacting the community and the nation at large.

“The collaborative efforts with Ocean Glory Commodities Limited and Federal Republic of Nigeria have been instrumental in achieving this groundbreaking accomplishment. We commend the government for its commitment to fostering an enabling environment for businesses to thrive, especially in the Agricultural Sector.

“This Ultra Modern Large Scale Integrated Mill is a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with advanced technologies and designed to optimize efficiency, productivity, and quality in rice production,” he said.

He added that “Ocean Glory Commodities Limited recognizes the importance of government support and funding in facilitating the success of projects like the Ocean Glory Rice Mill. We remain steadfast in our determination to collaborate with the government to promote economic growth, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the overall development of the Nigerian economy.

“As we embark on this new chapter, Ocean Glory Commodities Limited extends our deepest appreciation to the dedicated team members,

“The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Agriculture, Bank of Agriculture, technical partners such as MV Agro, and all stakeholders who have contributed to the successful realization of the Ocean Glory Rice Mill. Together, we have solidified the foundation for a thriving and robust rice industry in Nigeria.”

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