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How Julian Osula, the King of Luxury, Ticks All the Boxes

How Julian Osula, the King of Luxury, Ticks All the Boxes

Becoming the best at whatever you do requires you to do more than what others are doing. This is the normal path that most people take. However, for people like the widely acclaimed King of Luxury, Julian Osula, it is a matter of time and natural course. Despite being himself and refusing to imitate others, Osula has climbed to a height that his peers can only strain their foreheads to imagine, ticking many boxes along the way.

The year 2023 is already shaping up for Osula, the man who founded and remains in charge of Julian’s Luxury, one of the leading premium establishments for the purchase of bright and brilliant luxury products. Currently, two awards are sitting in Osula’s home, both of them marked and delivered in May. Furthermore, neither of these awards goes into great detail about Osula’s (pre)occupation with his luxury doings. Instead, they show him as a contributor to society’s best.

The first award was delivered by the Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Benin (UNIBEN), on May 5, 2023. The Award of Excellence was given to Osula “in recognition of [his] outstanding achievements in the luxury industry and his contributions to humanity and society in general.” Signed by the Dean and Vice Chancellor of the institution, the award shows Osula to be a man interested in the good of his country and countrymen.

The second award was presented to Osula two days after (May 7) the UNIBEN award. It was a Merit Award from SS Philips & James Catholic Church, Idado, Lekki, Lagos. This award was given “in recognition of [Osula’s] dedicated and selfless service in the growth and development of the Church.”

Without question, these awards depict Osula in a new light, especially the second. They show him to be something other than the luxury king, but someone relatable, whose cares and concerns for others push him to do amazing things.

This is how Osula is ticking boxes all around and bringing delight to the hearts of the people around him.

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