Shereepha: I Love Looking Sexy

Shereepha: I Love Looking Sexy

Sherifat Alarape aka Shereepha is an Afro-pop/Afro-Reggae artiste, with inspiration and influences across generations from the likes of Michael Jackson, Sean Paul and Diana King. The budding Lagos-based singer/songwriter and aspiring model tells Ferdinand Ekechukwu about her music, challenges and influences

Myself, My Music 

My name is Sherifat O. Alarape, stage name Shereepha. I’m a performing artiste. A baker, a business woman and an aspiring model. I started recording music professionally in 2011. I was originally just a songwriter. I like to call my style conscious music; Afro Reggae or Afro Pop.

My Origin, Background

I was born and raised on Lagos Island. That’s to say I’m a full breed of Lagos. My family is a large one originally from Kwara and I have Port Novo roots too. All my education was done here in Nigeria but I can’t say I spent all my life here in Naija though. 

My Songs, Future Projects

I’m working on album. And a video as well. I dropped a single titled AYAGA off the album in September. We are working on the visuals. I have about eight songs online and one featured legendary Fuji sensation Obesere. The sky is just the beginning. You can check @sherephamusic for my songs. Shereepha music is taking over.

Experiences and Challenges

Oh my music. It’s the loveliest of sounds I ever heard. It’s been a journey of ups and downs and especially the most wonderful experience ever. The challenge for me is really funding. Connections may come easily but the funds are very important too. And have to be consistent as well. 

Inspiration, Influences, Favourite Nigerian Artiste

The late Michael Jackson is my greatest inspiration of all time. My songwriting skills comes from him. He is everything. But I remember when I was about 6 years old, I picked interest in Diana King’s sounds, any sounds of reggae at all. And in 2005, when I first saw Sean Paul on TV, I knew the style I truly wanted to do. Omah Lay… He’s got the vibes I like.

My Style, Performance Appeal 

(Lol)… It depends on my mood. I love looking sexy and at the same time wanna just look tomboyish.

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