When Uzodimma Plays Politics with Insecurity

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State recently told Nigerians that as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the state, he knows what others do not know about the insecurity ravaging the state.

In his reaction to the recent attack on the home of the spokesperson for the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), Ikenga Ugochinyere, the Imo State governor was quoted in the media as saying that Ugochinyere was attacked by gunmen because he violated the agreement he had with them that there should be no election in the South-east.

Unknown gunmen had stormed the residence of Ugochinyere, who is also the PDP candidate for Ideato Federal Constituency, and shot about three persons dead.

But reacting to the carnage, Uzodimma reportedly accused Ugochinyere of being the architect of his own misfortune. He also claimed to be aware of the meetings between Ugochinyere and the gunmen.

The governor alleged that the agreement was that elections would not hold in the South-east, adding that Ugochinyere violated the agreement by running for the election.

Many believe the shocking revelation was an indication that Uzodimma as the CSO knows something about the activities of the unknown gunmen ravaging the state.

What the Imo State governor did not reveal is the reason behind his failure to tackle the gunmen.  Having allegedly admitted that he was privy to the meeting between Ugochinyere and the gunmen, he should tell Nigerians why he did not share such vital information with security agencies to track the gunmen.  

Reacting to the governor’s comments, the Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Imo State, Collins Opurozor  had reportedly said: “What this self-confession has established is that Uzodimma was aware of the attack even before it was carried out. He knew how it was conceived, planned and executed. By his admission, Uzodimma knows who the so-called unknown gunmen are. He knows where and how they met. He is privy to their agreements, documents and action plan. So, what is unknown about the gunmen if the governor could boast of knowing everything about them, including their meetings and their resolutions?” he queried.

What does Uzodimma really know about the unknown gunmen?

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