BM Casso Relishes Opening for Fire Boy on Dallas Stage

With his tunnel vision focus on breaking barriers and ruling the world with his music, young talented artiste, BM Casso has a special place for his unforgettable opening performance for Fireboy last year at his concert in Dallas, Texas.

The Dallas-based engineer cum artiste is a gifted rapper with quite an impressive oeuvre. His remarkable fluidity between different genres is evident in his amazing body of work. Some of his credits include singles such as ‘Professional Lover,’ ‘Faaji’ and a mixtape titled, ‘Senior Man.’

He describes his performance at a show by Nigerian superstar, Fireboy in Texas as ‘emotional’. BM Casso recollects, “I opened for Fireboy in Dallas Texas in 2022 and I was performing my song “Faaji” and people were singing along. Now I have a lot of my guys in Dallas and a few of them attended the show but I had a lot of people, including those that I did not personally know, sing along even when I stopped singing. I know it’s a small opportunity compared to what the top guys are doing but it meant so much to me. It was a really emotional moment for me.”

For the Orile, Lagos born artiste whose real name is Tochukwu Uzokwe, his music foray is beyond fame and fortune. He explained, “With my music, the agenda is expression and not limiting oneself. As I previously stated, my sound is versatile and I believe that music, or any other form of art, shouldn’t be one dimensional. I hope to inspire people to know no boundaries and go for the things they want to do based on genuine feeling and passion, and not necessarily external factors. That’s one way you can ensure happiness and longevity in what you do.” 

BM Casso is elated about his forthcoming single due for release on February 17, 2023. It features one of Nigeria’s favourite love song crooners, Ric Hassani. Speaking on the Ric Hassani collaboration, the rapper disclosed that his collaborator “loved it and vibed with it instantly. He was done with his part in a matter of hours and ofcourse, he did not disappoint. I love his verse so much and I’m glad and honored to have him on this track. It means a lot to me. I want to thank my brother, Krizblac, for setting this up for me.”

Although he is happy with the gains of the Afrobeats phenomenon on the global stage, BM Casso reckons that there is still a lot more to achieve. He opines, “I think afrobeat’s takeover was inevitable. It was bound to happen because I think Afrobeat has one of the cleanest and freshest sound, production wise. Afrobeat producers are a gem and should be appreciated. I personally think that good production is about 70% of the work with Afrobeat. I do think that a lot more collaboration is needed amongst artists in the diaspora. I think that we are too divided and spread apart and would accomplish more if we worked together and toured together here in the U.S. specifically. I think at the top level, we are in the right direction with the collaborations we’ve been seeing lately.”

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