Omo-Ikirodah: Nigerians Will Reject APC at the Polls

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives candidate for Etsako Federal constituency in Edo State, Moses Omo-Ikirodah, in this interview with Adedayo Akinwale and Sumaina Kasim, speaks on the chances of the PDP reclaiming power at the federal level and why he is eyeing the federal parliament. Excerpts:

How has the campaign been?

The campaign has been going well, and we thank God for his Grace; God willing, we will be victorious.

What are your chances of winning?

My chances of winning are very high because the people are sick and tired of the APC’s inept leadership, which has only brought Nigerians sorrows, misery, and pain.

To top it all, the current National Assembly Representative for  Etsako Federal Constituency, who is a product of APC  has not really done well representing the people. He has only succeeded in occupying space in the green chambers with nothing tangible to take home; he is essentially a minus to the constituents of  Etsako federal constituency.

Why are you contesting for the House of Representatives?

It is true that the House of Representatives is the most vibrant of the two chambers of the National Assembly; it is where representatives can freely express themselves and advocate for their constituents; it allows you to meet and network with fellow Nigerians from various backgrounds and competencies, as well as across gender and age groups.

Looking around, all I see are the faces of our youth, who have been neglected by their elected representatives for years. It is clear that my people do not have the basic necessities to make their lives easier. There is a glaring need for excellent representation everywhere you turn.

The people of Etsako Federal Constituency have suffered for a long time, and it is past time for people like me to take the mantle of leadership in representing the people and giving them the much-touted dividends of democracy, of which I am capable and trusted.

Now is the time to harness the power of our youthful population  and offer them a better future; they deserve the best, and I am willing and committed to providing them with the best services at the National Assembly.

How do you assess the APC-led federal government?

They have dashed the hopes of more than 200 million Nigerians and set us back, making them a colossal failure that is out of touch with reality. The fact that the leaders we put our faith in to improve Nigerians’ lot have instead turned into locusts, gnawing deeply into our shared resources and bringing Nigerians even more misery, is quite sad.

What are the chances of PDP re-claiming power at the federal level?

Our chances are very good because Nigerians have read between the lines that the APC has nothing to offer Nigerians, that they have failed miserably in improving our lot, and that the people will reject them at the polls. Monitoring the mood of the people across the 36 states demonstrates unequivocally that the driver of the vehicle must be replaced. The people of Nigeria have clearly rejected the APC, so the PDP’s chances of regaining power at the centre are secure.

Some are of the opinion that the PDP cannot be trusted following its decision to jettison it’s zoning arrangement, how do you react to this?

This is a democracy, and the party delegates have decided that Atiku is their candidate. The zoning formula was never rejected in the first place because the PDP, a democratic party, offered its presidential ticket to candidates from all regions. The PDP did not act alone; all other political parties allowed candidates from all regions to run. Of course, the decision was made by a majority of party members, and we have accepted that it was democratic.

Recently, there have been several attacks on INEC offices in the country, are you worried?, don’t you think it can affect the 2023 elections?

A – It is a very sad development that no one in his right mind would applaud, but we have had cases of unrest and insurgencies in the past and they never stopped or affected the outcome of the elections. I urge the security agencies to be more proactive and put a stop to all these senseless activities to assure Nigerians that they are safe and can come out to vote for the right candidates of their choice across board.

This is the time for Nigerians to correct this anomaly and reclaim their country. I am confident that nothing will derail the elections and that the PDP will emerge victorious in both the state and federal elections.

There’s a certain feelings among quarters in South-Ibie Clan that you recognised only your village, Ugiekha. They are asking for your plans for them. How do you address these issues to allay their fears?

Of course, this is not correct; I have focused my attention not only on Ugheikha but also across Etsako federal constituency, and I have done a lot for our youths, women, and elders; it is incorrect to say that I favour only my people; my constituency encompasses every village in Etsako federal constituency. So many communities within the federal constituency can attest to this well known fact.

With the total of 93 million eligible voters released by INEC last week, do you expect an increase in voter turnout in the forthcoming election compared to 2019 which recorded 35 per cent turnout?

Yes, there will be a tremendous increase due to the electorates’ increased awareness that the elections are widely respected to be free and fair, owing largely to the reverred Electoral law that saw the political high and mighty barred from voting in duly conducted National conventions to elect presidential candidates of their respective parties for the first time in Nigerian political history.

Furthermore, the average Nigerian yearns for genuine change, not the APC’s deceit and lies, which have resulted in nothing tangible for Nigerians.

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