Jason Njoku: The Iroko Man Grows Blackbet

Nseobong Okon-Ekong

There was nothing like it when Jason Njoku introduced IrokoTV. His intervention in the Nigerian Film industry, Nollywood, was well executed. If people talk about the funding which helped to achieve this feat, mention must also be made of the painstaking efforts that went into it.

So, Njoku is said to be worth over $40 million today. No doubt IrokoTV has expanded beyond his original dream, but every daring businessman knows that the name of the game is to keep striving and venture into new areas.

Though he is better known for his investment in Nollywood, Njoku may have earned the title, ‘King of start-ups.’ He has put his money into all sorts of ventures, including internet, drinks distribution, real estate and property letting agency and hotel room booking.

From one entertainment genre to another, having stamped his mark on movies, Njoku has taken on the adrenaline-pumping excitement that comes with sports betting by establishing Blackbet. He is also Chairman of the related company, BettyBjngo. Like everything he does, he is very ambitious about this investment, which is why he advertises it as, ‘Bonus Kings of Africa.’

Njoku is among the few who can see the opportunity for business expansion in the gaming industry by connecting with “millions of people around the world who play Sportsbooks and casino games every day, making the sector one of the world’s fastest growing and voracious arms of the entertainment market.”

Six months after its establishment, Njoku was quoted in the media saying that the sports betting company raked in over 300 per cent more than IrokoTV. Blackbet has already established its footprints in the UK, collaborating in definite terms that the venture has been successful.

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