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Zoracom Launches Network, Security Operations Centre

Zoracom Launches Network, Security Operations Centre

Zoracom, one of the country’s foremost information technology (IT) firm, recently launched its world-class Network and Security Operations Center (NSOC) in Lagos.

The facility has been described as world-class, which focused on providing cybersecurity solutions to public and private organisations in the country ranging from cyber monitoring to mitigation and training/capacity building.

During his keynote address, the Chief Innovative/Executive Officer of Zoracom, John Nwachukwu, said: “At Zoracom, we pride ourselves of our ability to proffer and provide solutions to our clients and we do these in three different ways such as observability, cybersecurity and infrastructure. With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, there are fast internet, internet of things (IoT) cloud computing and all that. There is a high need for organisations to protect themselves from threats that will come from exposure to internet. Organizations need to unify, automate with resilience and robustness and align with security best practice. Here if we can see it, we can monitor it, if we can monitor it, we can optimize it.”

According to him, network is the lifeblood of business and there is need to secure and protect it at all times, this state of the art facility is here as a cornerstone to consolidate and protect organisations.

“We have invested in the latest technology to ensure that we are one step ahead of cyber security criminals. Our NOC and SOC provide unified command, controlled communication, intelligent sharing and analysis capability to help physically and digitally protect key assets that support the human life. This infrastructure will provide real time monitoring of events and protect all sorts of sensors that are interconnected to make life easier for organisations. Our NSOC is well equipped with tools and resources that will be needed to monitor threat in real time. We are providing the people, technology and process to help organizations defend all things that happen within their network,” Nwachukwu said.

Industry stakeholders at the event were impressed with the tremendous strides that Zoracom has made with this launch of the NSOC facility describing it as world-class.

Also speaking at the launch, a top executive at Remitta Payments Services Limited, Nwachukwu Chukwuemeka, said: “I am delighted to be here to witness where Zoracom has come to establish itself in the Nigerian market. It is a wonderful facility and a good job done properly. From what I have seen so far the human resource in this building isquite impressive.”

The General Manager of Enterprise business Operations, Airtel, Roland Akintunde, said: “This is a welcome development, everybody need to be customer-centric, and initiatives like this gives customers the satisfaction that they are being protected.”

A senior manager from IBM, Solomon Omorodion, during the inspection of the facility, said: “This facility is standard in terms of current network issues we have and the increase in cyber security threats. This facility is bringing a proactive approach to cyber security and this is zero tolerance. This facility is a good one.”

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