Hi-Impact Studios Re-emerge Better, More Beautiful

Godwin Ifijeh

It was a celebration of a renaissance, beauty and excellence as the Hi-Impact Studios got relaunched after over a year of the fire incident that devastated it.

The studio and equipment were consumed by fire in Ogun State, its location then, on August 12, 2021.

By last Saturday when the Chairman, Prince Omoba Adeyanju Lipede turned another year, he made the day a double celebration, with its already excellently-refurbished production unit, its scintillating Tv station and a new radio station of esteem.

The event held at Ilupeju, a centre point in mainland Lagos and the new location of the studios, a bye product of Solution Media and Infotech Ltd.

A business magnate of class, Lipede is into all manner of businesses, including Solution Media and Infotech Ltd, Hi-Impact Hotel, Hi-Impact Studios, Hi-Impact Tv, Hi-Impact Radio, and Hi-Impact Production, among others.

Recalling the sad fire incident on the day, the Chairman said: “All taken by it has been restored sevenfold. We glorify God. We are securing the future of our youths, we have consolidated at securing the future.”

He described his new Hi-Impact radio Station, as a major first in the South West of Nigeria, just as he referred to the Tv Station as family based and into education and entertainment.

The Prince said: “Before the fire incident, Hi-Impact television was transmitting to over 90 countries of the world in three continents. Sad as the fire incident was, Jesus has made it possible for us to turn ashes to classical gold, we are now better than we were then.

“The fire not only touched our Tv Station, but our equipment. For two hours as the fire ranged, we could not get any fire-fighting service, but lucky that there was a water pool close by, which all of us, the staff in particular had to move into to get water to fight it.

“In fact, when the fire service eventually came and their water got finished, they also moved in there to get water.

“My mind had told me to set up a fire solution when we started there, but I said No, believing that we had a government and a fire service department.

“But it occurred and destroyed everything we had, here we are today, we have re-emerged better and more beautiful.

“In the next few weeks, our OB Van will be here, I’m not celebrating my birthday today, but our new beauty, we shall be touring not only with the television station, but the best radio station around.”

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