Group Seeks Collaboration for Christians to Participate in Governance

Mary Nnah

Ahead of the 2023 presidential election, a religious pressure group, the Nigerian National Christian Coalition (NNCC) has called on Christians to rise and take political leadership, which is a divine mandate given to them.

The group, with the backing of prominent Church leaders across the nation, stated that negotiations are part of the engagement process for transformational leadership.

It, however, regretted that some politicians have felt safe to dare Christians by ignoring their sensibilities, believing that the Church is in their pockets as the nation prepares for the forthcoming general elections.

Briefing journalists in Lagos, the Convener of NNCC, Apostle Titi Oluwadare, said that the NNCC would be having a summit on Friday, December 9, 2022, where it would engage the presidential candidates and other political leaders who would be guided by the group for the general interest and wellbeing of Christians.

Oluwadare said that Christians have been systematically relegated to the background in the scheme of things, especially around the corridors of power.

She stated that these are not cheery times for the Christians and the Church of God in Nigeria, adding that negotiations after the presidential election would indeed be a tall order.

“Christian leaders from the six geo-political zone in the country would converge at Pistib Hub,(The Elevate Church), Maryland-Lagos, December 9, 2022, to deliberate on the role of the church in nation building. We have to unite to use our voice.

“There is a need for Christians in Nigeria to build a strong political base. The body of Christ because of not having a base is therefore lacking in ability or capacity to negotiate or place a demand that can achieve or help achieve their objectives, hence, the church has little relevance at the centre of affairs in Nigeria and consequently the church and Christians end up being used as a pawn in the political chess game.

“The scriptures are our base, it is time to come together in unity to stop decisions made on our behalf, the oppression, bad governance, and unemployment among others.

“We must multiply, be fruitful and have dominion. We have become spiritual and would no longer isolate ourselves and abscond from responsibilities as Christians.”

Meanwhile, the Regional Coordinator of NNCC, South-West Region, Bishop Taiwo Ajose, said they would deploy techniques such as advocacy, seminars, and workshops to train Christian leaders to participate in politics.

Ajose said: “We need to be involved in governance, while we pray, there must be political participation, and Christians must be at the helm of affairs to tackle the social and moral ills in the country.

“One of the ways we can correct the moral decadence in Nigeria is to actively get involved in the political sphere and governance of the country.

“Bad governance has affected even the church because one of the core problems of Nigeria is leadership. The church is not weak.” 

On his part, the Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Kaduna State Chapter, Rev. John Hayab, said that church leaders should erase the notion that politics is a dirty game.

“The impression created has made Christians shy away from governance. Daniel was involved in the political sphere to correct the ills of leadership in his time. We must emulate the Bible,” Hayab said.

He said Nigerians need a leader that can deliver the goods and take the country out of its present security and economic challenges.

“Nigerians today simply need a leader that can deliver the goods, unite the nation and take us out of our economic woes and insecurity challenges,” he said.

 The Diaspora National Coordinator, Ambassador Ralph Ogbu, said: “We are discussing with people of all faith, tribe and tongue in a bid for peace, and national healing as well as a national rebirth.

“The core objectives of NNCC are the unity of the church and healing of the nation.”

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