Celebrating Olufunke Daniel at 59  

Marriage is one of the biggest blessings of life. Two strangers meet and decide to walk the length of human life and time together, turning their lives into mirrors for each other. Such is the case for Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) and his wife, Olufunke. Despite being married to a man who is always at the centre of things, Olufunke has managed to preserve herself, untouched by controversy and stranger to delusions. Recently, she clocked 59 and had many songs written about her.

If described in the truest terms, Olufunke is amicable to the point of representing amicability. It is one of the reasons she is so popular and easily wins the hearts of the people. Even after reaching 59, it is a fact that she will continue to shine, blazing a path of peace and gentleness that her husband’s charismatic methods were never able to accomplish.

Another thing that makes Olufunke special is the number of chieftaincy titles she has been awarded over the years. These include Yeye Fehintade of Omu Ijebu, Erelu Olu Nla of Egbaland, Yeye Asoludero of Makun Sagamu, Yeye Obalofin of Ijebuland, Yeye Oba of Imeko, Olua Aememre of Uokhai in Edo State, Yeye Fesojoye of Ile-Ife, Suada of Ifo, Yeye Atunluse of Ogbere and Yeye Akogun of Okun Owa, and the most recent Yeye Oba of Iperuland.

A true woman, Yeye Olufunke was born a normal child but grew up into a peace-loving lady. Even as an Ogun State First Lady, she wore her heart on her sleeves and helped to cushion some of the aggressiveness associated with leadership in her home. This is another reason many people continue to sing songs to her, celebrating her authenticity and perspective of ease to life.

OGD himself sang her praises, taking the lead to wish her the best things in life and noting that it was because of her low-key preferences that he did not overturn all of Ogun to celebrate her 59th birthday. But something big is coming for her 60th birthday next year.

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