Over one billion barrels of oil and 500 cubic feet of gas has been discovered at the Gombe/Bauchi boundaries.

This recent discovery of Kolmani oil spells development for the people of Gombe State.  We anticipate this will create jobs, increase economic stability in the state, attract foreign investors, and increase the rate at which there will be greater capacity for people of Gombe.

Amidst this wonderful development heralds a pending threat which will befall the state just as it did Niger Delta if qualified, competent and sound leadership is not available to provide good management for the newfound source of wealth.

Gombe State needs a new leader who will channel the newfound oil resources to the appropriate angle, evenly distribute both material and human resources. Gombe needs someone who is trusted, who has the background in economic management and whose agenda is known to the people.

Gombe people should no longer accommodate seedy leaders who are only after their own interest and pockets to the detriment of Gombe state.

Nasiru Usman, Gombe State

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