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555 Opulence Releases 2022 Fall Collection; CDTS Line

555 Opulence Releases 2022 Fall Collection; CDTS Line


Tosin Clegg

The streetwear fashion brand 555 Opulence, launched its 2022 fall collection in Istanbul,

Turkey on September 2, 2022.

Each piece in the CDTS collection, which includes urban wear

such as t-shirts, bucket hats and trucker hats has intricate colours and fabric textures with exquisite hand-drawn artwork.

The CDTS has enjoyed online visibility, has bestsellers already and might be a limited edition


The director of the brand, Favour Omokafe had this to say about the collection, “Carpe Deim that Shit collection is to remind people that the complexities of human emotions are part of who we are despite how confusing and depressing they can sometimes be. 

“We have designed this capsule collection as a crucial part of emotional health awareness to help identify several emotions we experience daily. Each piece of artwork was also drawn by hand and produced in Turkey. It is truly a special collection.”

The fashion brand also reportedly has some sizzling collaborative projects billed to happen before the year ends.

One of which includes a grand end-of-the-year pop-up in Lagos, Nigeria, and Istanbul, Turkey. A-listers in the fashion and entertainment industry will be in attendance as it’s going to be a one of the kind event. 

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