BLK HUT Media Partners with Zuri Health to Promote Healthcare Services on WWTBAM Show

In a strategic move, BLK HUT Media, the producers of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Nigeria’ show, and a Kenyan-based mobile health company, Zuri Health, are partnering to improve healthcare access in Nigeria. 

In a joint statement, the CEO of BLK HUT, Hakeem Condotti and the Co-founder of Zuri Health, Titilola Olaolu-Hassan following the agreement signing event in Lagos, said the partnership aligns with their collective commitment to the social and public good. 

“While Zuri Health is a digital healthcare provider that offers end-to-end healthcare solutions at your convenience which includes consultations, testing, order medication and aftercare management service, they are also working to provide affordable and accessible healthcare solutions across Sub-Saharan Africa.  BLK HUT Media would lend its extensive media network specifically on the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Nigeria’ show to promote its healthcare services.

The growth of Zuri Health in the last two years, which has extended to at least eight countries within Sub-Saharan Africa, is a major testament to the potential for growth and capacity in the healthcare sector and also for social impact.

Condotti further noted that in forging the partnership, the company was convinced about its social impact outcomes and corporate responsibility. 

“We are looking forward to deploying our network and reach, to promote the opportunities and prospects of the partnership for our local, regional and global audience. We are glad to embark on this important journey with Zuri Health, and lend our platform to a social issue that is at the core of our collective humanity.” Condotti added. 

The partnership will among other things include regular promotion of Zuri Health Services through a WhatsApp chatbot on the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ and other community and social health benefits that will be rolled out through the partnership. 

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