Liberian Rapper, Darius Vévo Sets Target for First Music Project 

After the successful release of his singles, Darius Vévo has set a new target for the release of his first music project as part of plans to consolidate on the success of his previous singles.

Darius is basking in the success of his new single, Miss Earth featuring one of the most favourite Liberian dueo, Deuc3z & Adlipz. The song has helped propelled the young artiste, launching him into new audience frontiers.

Speaking about his new plans, he revealed, “the ongoing first phase of my career trajectory is all about introducing a new the genre we call ‘GR8.’ It’s our own genre created by my team and this is based on feedback from fans who come back to say, “when you make music it’s great not just good, great.” I can say that my fans should expect a body of work coming out mid-2023. As for now, there’s still a few singles that’s going to be released.”

“My recent song released was a feature with Deuc3z & Adlipz called Miss Earth. It was a theme song for the fashion show. The song has gotten so much love from all around the world especially Philippines where we are currently striking a deal to fly over for a show there,” he added.

Born September 24, 1999 in Congo Town, Liberia, Darius Vévo has evolved into a songwriter, rapper and dancer. He started writing music in his early days of college while also playing instruments in various churches. Quite unsurprisingly, all these led him to pursue a dream in the music industry in 2020. By 2001, the 1.78m 5.10 feet tall artiste was ready to drop his debut single with visuals entitled ‘Perfect.’ Since then m he has dropped another single, ‘White Noise’ among others. 

Darius is optimistic that Liberian musicians can help put Africa on the wold map. He said, “The Liberian artist that I see winning the Grammy would be Deuc3z & Adlipzs, they are so talented and underrated. I’ve been so fortunate to listen to their unreleased hot singles. The day they release it, the world would be shocked and a Grammy award win would be inevitable.:

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