Clearview Hospital Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Esther Akinsola

One of the leading healthcare providers, Clearview hospital, Lagos recently marked its 5th anniversary in Nigeria’s healthcare space.

 Clearview has developed novel solutions to unmet care needs of people and is growing to care for more.

Established in 2017, Clearview hospital was set up as a mother and child care facility with a special emphasis on fertility medicine, offering patients quality care in an unparalleled ambience. 

“At Clearview Hospital, the facility’s mission is to provide cutting-edge medical solutions promptly and cost-effectively, while advancing the healthcare and well-being of women and children.”

From scoring a record as a mother and child care facility, it has expanded its services to pre-conception focused on fertility solutions -Treating infertility, fibroids removal through laparoscopic myomectomy, and all other factors that lead to infertility to conception IVF treatments, ICSI, IUI and delivery robust ante-natal program, and NICU services and partnerships that would give the facility the capacity to cater to more pre-term babies.

The excellence and dedication Clearview accord its patients is first-hand premium service.

Speaking at the anniversary celebration Kunle Ajayi, managing director of Clearview Hospital, Lekki “In the beginning, it was a slow start. Now we are well-established and growing and have had patients with us all these years.

“I’m delighted with all the specialities we can offer under one roof such as paediatrics, fibroid treatment, mother and child care, and general medical care for those who are in need.

“It is this fitting together to the community and its people that is most important to Clearview Hospital. 

“We are trying to make healthcare accessible without breaking the bank. Our patients have learned that we are here for them. We’re constantly giving them the support they need. We are serving them well. In 2021, we had 350 patients treated and 250 deliveries.”

 Emphasising growing together, Ajayi said that Clearview has worked alongside in strategic partnerships with Women Community to bring affordable payment plans to cater for Gynaecological procedures and IVF via a Maternal Health Service Scheme Programme.

According to him, it is a service where patients that have salaried account or third-party salaried account with access bank can benefit from an easy repayment plan for their IVF and Delivery, and Gynaecological procedures, with an amazing low-interest rate, long-term payment plan, and no charges.  

“The programme that allow individuals to be assisted by a loved one or family member, or friend,” he said.

Also speaking at the anniversary, Abiodun Olubitan, group head, Women bank initiative Access Bank said it has been a very impressive journey and reading through the testimonials and some of the milestone achievements. 

“We congratulate Clearview Hospital; we are happy to be your partners on this journey. And I want to also reassure you that we are still going nowhere.

“W initiative is the role model to offer to women. So, we don’t have to just look at a woman in terms of their financial needs, which is what the bank typically will do. They are saying that we are concerned, we are connected to your finances.”

As part of its commitment to providing quality care and pivotal to marking this milestone, Clearview will be open to Fertility Focus Radio Program Series, a Seasonal Radio Education program series that educates the public on general health, reproductive health, lifestyle and how they affect fertility, further showing their commitment to public health awareness.

Meanwhile, their CSR Launch focuses on providing free healthcare services for the mother and child in Lekki and its environs, further emphasising their dedication to public health and giving back to their community. This initiative is in collaboration with KB Klub MEDLAG.

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