Lagos to London Partners British International School on Learning Curriculum

Hamid Ayodeji

As part of efforts to improve the country’s education sector, the British International School, Lagos, has partnered ‘Lagos to London’ to launch the pilot edition of the Lagos to London Global Learning Curriculum.

The programme was designed to prepare students to take ownership of their lives by strengthening their knowledge, skills, connections, ethical values, cultural awareness, decision-making skills and equipping them to navigate an interconnected global society.

During a media briefing held recently in Lagos, the organisations disclosed that the Lagos to London learning curriculum would result in longer-term recall synthesis and problem-solving skills than learning by hearing, reading or watching.

According to the organisation, the model adopts the learning by doing model instead of the learning by telling model, and would run for six weeks, whereby the last week would be for a capstone project and presentation.

The founder, Lagos to London, Lola

Aworanti-Ekugo, pointed out that the curriculum is also designed around lessons in the Lagos to London novel written by her, which depicts the experiences of young Nigerians with different backgrounds, some living in Nigeria and some studying abroad, whilst facing multiple life challenges.

She said: “The Lagos to London learning curriculum was developed in partnership with Learnable Global, and is centred around crucial life lessons, which include self-discovery and personal mission, whereby learners are taught to unlock their full potential by understanding the strength and importance of being able to effect positive change in the world today.”

Aworanti-Ekugo added: “It would also help enable the students to develop resilience and overcome setbacks as well as the ability to demonstrate a growth-driven mindset by reflecting on and learning from experience, build impactful relationships and networks. The pilot edition would be incorporated into the curriculum of year ten students of the British International School, Lagos.”

Speaking on the partnership, British International School Principal, Kevin Donnelly, expressed excitement about the initiative and how the global learning curriculum would help the students take ownership of their lives.

“We are excited about the partnership because we are a school that is farsighted; we believe and understand that our students need to be equipped with the tools they need for life after school, and also we believe that the themes of this book: ‘Lagos to London’, are issues that the students would be going through life after school.

 “In regards to self-discovery, children need to understand the fact that each of them has a unique character and value to offer.”

Also, the founder of Learnable Global, Demilade Oluwasina, noted that the partnership experience on the Lagos to London curriculum design was extremely fulfilling, adding that the book is a rich body of work, packed with loads of personal and professional growth insights.

“It was great to collaborate with the author to help transform those insights into practical applications through experimental learning design,” Oluwasina noted

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