Foreign Education as Gateway to a Better Future

Millicent Adeyoju  

International study has been a sought-after option over the last few decades for Nigerian students who are in search of greener pastures. The consideration to study abroad is met with endorsement and exaltation to aspirants who can’t be blamed for their radical choices as the ongoing Academic Union of Universities (ASUU)’s strike seems to have no resolution in sight. With a 3-months extension to the seemingly endless ASUU strike that began in 2020, the union and students would have spent 15 months in 3 years outside the 4-walls of a classroom by the end of its dreary industrial action in July. Thousands of students are increasingly open to exploring their options for abroad study as July intake 2022 presents admission opportunities to Australia and New Zealand.

With top universities like The Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland, and the University of Technology, Sydney and Monash University that offer various intakes around the year, seven Australian universities are ranked among the top 100 in the major worldwide university ranking lists. Because of its reputation as a world leader in higher education and due to the high quality of its universities and education system, Australia is one of the most popular study destinations for international students, who choose to continue their academic studies in a welcoming and diverse study environment.

This presents a variation to its similar counterpart, New Zealand, whose number of international students pursuing post-secondary studies has dropped by two-thirds in the past decade. Within an average academic year, over 115,000 international students migrate to New Zealand for study, However, only 4,197 international students were welcomed in 2021, marking a 60 per cent decrease from the 10,500 enrolments within April 2020 due to the effects of the pandemic. Fortunately, New Zealand’s government has announced that the country will officially reopen borders from July 31, 2022.

These recent statistics present genuine opportunities to youths who are in search of a gateway to a better future by advancing their education levels. Nigerian Students who are ready to resume and continue their education are constantly expressing their concerns about the universities being on strike. The system’s instability is leading to boredom and idleness that eventually advances to depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges which is unfair to youth who deserve a sense of security for their life path.

The founder of Mel Educational, Mrs Olufolakemi Adeniyi, stated in a recent interview “We have been receiving more enquires daily. The average Nigerian Youth wants to be able to compete with their counterpart so they are making enquires on how to study overseas as parents are tired of seeing their children sitting at home. Our agency doesn’t compete in the same space with others, our main focus is Australia and New Zealand”. Mel Educational is determined to bridge the demand gap to guide overseas aspirants into the July 2022 intake session. The July session guarantees less competition in comparison to other intakes and presents an optimal window for compiling all entrance documents.

Evidently, the process of gaining admission to these international institutions begins long before the application is submitted. So, international students must carefully plan and schedule the time in their chosen country to gather application paperwork, take standardised examinations, check eligibility requirements, and begin applying to universities to have a secure path.

On the topic of youths choosing international study as a means in search of greener pastures, she went ahead to state that “Nigeria will continue to lose skilled professionals if the policymakers do not put a system in place to encourage qualified professionals to return home” she said.

At the same time, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has stated it’s lack of interest in calling off the ongoing strike after the federal government did not respect the 2009 agreement. While the Union is on a purposeful journey to barter its demands on funding for the revitalisation of public universities for renegotiation and implementation of the 2009 ASUU-FG Agreement; this conviction has a subsequent adverse effect on students who are looking ahead to a bright future.

Studying abroad presents youths with the opportunity to experience a new environment and culture, make friends from around the world, and gain a global perspective while earning credits towards a degree. Mel Educational Services provide educational consultancy services within Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire to individuals who are interested in studying or working in either Australia or New Zealand. They offer advice on gaining a scholarship, assists in the admissions process and guide parents, pre- departure counselling students or organisations through the visa process.

Students are advised to calculate the cost of living for their chosen country before the application deadline as planning ahead of time guarantees that an individual has enough time to gather all of the requirements to ease the admissions process. Don’t miss out on the July 2022 study abroad intake, contact, +2348179469736 and 09081000777 or visit Mel Educational services prioritises students’ welfare and provides accurate advice regarding the overseas admission process and assists with English exam registration.

Millicent Adeyoju  is a marketing consultant that is based in Lagos Nigeria. She graduated with a masters degree in corporate communications and public relations and delivers creative marketing services to clients under the brand name “Didun”. She also loves to craft, design and create all types of content. 

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