IMMERI Celebrates 3RD Anniversary, Recounts Achievements


IMMERI Group has applauded its customers and stakeholders for their contribution to the company’s achievement in the last three years of operation in Nigeria.

The company in a statement said it has kept evolving over the last three years since its inception, “which has brought about changes in terms of the MLM industry landscape in the country with company birthing in China in 2016 and has far and wide reached its business destination in Asia and the Pacific cutting across Malaysia, Hongkong and Philippines.”

It added that the vision of the Chairman and CEO of Immeri Group of Companies, Mr. Lau Chong Guan of unifying the industry leaders was made possible with the support of the company’s Vice President – Mr. Yap Wai Yen and Group Executive Senior Vice President – Mr. Tan Kam Foo.

“The aligned vision of the company leaders who have around 100 years of combined experience in the MLM industry has set the foundation to move forward in alignment of the company’s mission of making everyone happy and more families happier while doing their business, “it stated.

Its CEO, Mr. Lau Chong Guan stated, “We are proud to share with everyone our remarkable achievement that we have quality product lines with segmented brands such as Immercare ( Vaginne refreshing intimate gel ), Immerplus ( Adwelle – plant based enzyme, Alihart – testosterone supplement for men, Femmetima – estrogen supplement for women ), Immerlike ( Advanced coffee brand collection ) and Immer home ( soon to launch ) and more soon to launch products this 2022.

While we ensure everyone of our sense of business commitment which is one of our unique culture as a company which speaks about conscience in what we do and offer, also we as much as possible has maintained the business with solid momentum due to the support of the leaders who have shown so much in the colorful venture of Immeri.”

Continuing, he added , “As we continue to help people realize their dreams in life and provide reasonable effort of keeping the united spirit of our business leaders in Immeri , as a company we have been very generous to our members who in one way or the other have proved that what is worth focusing is really worth doing . Indeed our business structure has allowed us to not just better the individual economic level of few people but rather build more success stories and that is true about us that up until today we have set the record straight as we celebrate our 3rd year anniversary themed Metamorphosis.

True enough, we have recognized our success during the pandemic because we overcome what was everyone so afraid about and that is how they will have funds when movement is so restricted. We have remained in our most confident state to reassure our members of continuity in our business because we believe that with our can do attitude we will always have our fair share of the many unfolding stories of people who have put their trust and confidence in our business. Much has been said, this year 2022 we celebrate our 3rd year of success in Nigeria as we adjoin with our leaders who have shared the most remarkable unfolding stories.”