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Sheikh Muhammed Nuru Khalid: What Can We Do?

Sheikh Muhammed Nuru Khalid: What Can We Do?

Loud Whispers With Joseph Edgar

You see why it is good to be checking on your facts before you rush to open your mouth. I thought it was the federal government that suspended or was it sacked? Mbok, it was a committee in his mosque that did him in, making the ‘sacking’ of no national consequence.

That said, me I sha like the man. Not only for what he has said but for his accent. I loved the accent o. The way he spoke was just ‘sweeting’ me and whoever or whatever must have pushed him to suddenly turn an activist after centuries of sitting down there and doing ‘hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil’ must have been a strong force.

Immediately he was dethroned, he must have felt that what else can he lose, he just went on more rampage.

“If it is the price, I will pay for speaking the truth, I will speak even if it takes my life,” he said.

 Well, I pray nobody comes for his life because what the man has said is the plain truth.

The only difference for me is the accent. Nobody should try to mute him and I am happy that he has found a new job very quickly so we can continue to hear him speak. My people, me I hate to join the bandwagon, but this thing that is happening in Nigeria today be like movie. Daily, we hear all sorts of tragedies, no real good news even the announcement of some of our wealthy people on the Forbes list was met with gross apathy. Of what use are we being represented on the Forbes list when we have just been kicked out of the World Cup, gotten a train bombed, thousands being displaced by rampaging bandits and the most fortified state in the country – Kaduna is under siege?

E reach make Sheikh shout o. No be only Sheikh dey shout o, even me here I am shouting. Anybody that tries to suspend me, na Bianca I will send to them. Tiring. Tiring. Nigeria we really hail thee.

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