Major Shake-up in NCoS as Five Directorate Heads, 170 Staff Redeployed

Michael Olugbode in Abuja

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) has undertaken major shake-up that has seen five directorate heads, 147 senior and 23 junior officers redeployed.

A statement by the spokesman of the NCoS, Francis Enobore, yesterday revealed that the Controller General, Haliru Nababa, reshuffled the Directorate heads in the Nigerian Correctional Service and redeployed 170 other officers to inject new ideas and promote effective coordination of activities for enhanced service delivery.

He disclosed that the development saw DCG M.A. Tukur taking over the Directorate of Non-Custodial Measures (NCM), while DCG S.N. Nwakuche, who hitherto superintended over NCM Directorate took over the Operations Directorate.

Also, the DCG (covering duties) M.E. Melchizedek now oversees the Directorate of Health and Welfare as DCG T.O. Oladipupo retires from service.

Similarly, DCG (covering duties) E.A. Oputa was moved from the Directorate of Training and Staff Development (STD) to head the Directorate of Inmates’ Training and Productivity (ITP) while ACG L.A. Showumi who was the Zone A Coordinator now takes over the Directorate of TSD as DCG (covering duties). ACG Uche Nwobi was moved to Lagos to take over as Zone A Coordinator.

The exercise also affected 21 Controllers of Corrections and 13 Deputy Controllers of Corrections.

While some were deployed to take over state commands and Custodial Centres, others were assigned new responsibilities both at the National Headquarters and at state levels.

Enobore said the Controller General charged all officers and men concerned to report at their new posts and hit the ground running, giving no space for indolence that could further compromise the sacredness of Custodial Centres.

The CG noted that, “this measure is not only germane as a response strategy to the security challenges confronting the NCoS but imperative in evolving new ideas that will set the Service on a higher pedestal.”

He therefore, challenged officers to be ingenious in the discharge of their responsibilities.

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