A3C Partners UK-Based Firm to Bridge Nigeria’s Medical Knowledge Gap

Gilbert Ekugbe

In a bid to address the huge amount spent by Nigerians on medical tourism due to lack of adequate health facilities, a Nigeria-based Anaesthesia and Critical Care Consultants (A3C) has partnered a UK-Based healthcare learning platform to bridge Nigeria’s medical knowledge deficit According to reports, growth in medical tourism in Nigeria is about 20 per cent where over 9000 medical tourist from Nigeria travel every month across the globe to seek adequate medial attention.

It is as a result of this the Senior Partner/Commercial Director, A3C, Mr Akintunde O Sawyerr in a signed document made available to Thisday, reiterated the Founder/Chief Executive Officer, A3C, Dr Seyi Oyesola’s commitment to engage with its Nigerian hospital clients and independent clinicians to provide world-class clinical training and skills development, which will ultimately save Nigerian lives and help to address the skills deficit in Nigeria.

“This engagement between Nigeria’s healthcare provider A3C and Continulus, a world-leader in healthcare education, establishes a relationship in the broader and best interest of the development of the Nigerian health education sector,” he said.

In his words: “Prior to the establishment of A3C in 2015, I was an advanced simulation trainer at Imperial College London and part of our drive at A3C is train the next generation of Nigerian medics who are in Nigeria to be able to save more lives.”

The Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Continulus, Mr Eoghan Colgan, said the strategic partnership, those in the critical care clinical arena in Nigeria would henceforth have access to the plethora of world-leading video-based clinical resources offered by Continulus.

Colgan said: “When blended with the hands-on skills training being provided by A3C, these certificated online courses and lectures will provide a well-rounded, easy to access and robust medical education programme continuing professional education for Nigerians and which will inevitably enhance the clinical skill base in the country.”

According to the statement, the parties have agreed to play an influential role in uplifting the healthcare community in Nigeria through skills enhancement and industry-specific training that will drive clinical excellence.

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