Tomi Somefun: Making A Difference at Unity

Great things are unfolding at Unity Bank and there is no person more worthy of a thumbs-up than the MD/CEO, Tomi Somefun. While other banks in Nigeria are throwing caution to the wind in their attempts to get more customers, more branches, and more turnover at the end of the year, Somefun has sharpened Unity Bank to focus on the sustainable growth of the Nigerian economy. The latest gesture on this point is the gig with the Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN).

Somefun revealed to the public on January 18, 2020, that she intends to continue to support RIFAN in its objective to help rice farmers and farming in Nigeria. With Unity Bank backing up the association, Somefun intends to reduce the cost of and emphasis on rice importation, boosting rice production in Nigeria. Evidently, from where Somefun is standing, this is enough oomph to create more jobs for the Nigerian citizenry and reduce the burden on the central government.

Rice farming is one of the most important aspects of the agricultural sector in many developed and developing economies of the world. This is primarily because the cereal crop is eaten daily and has therefore become popular in both developed and developing regions. Regions with environments (land and climate) that allow and promote the growth of this staple food are expected to experience economic growth and development based on the productivity of their agricultural sector. Even though Nigeria is one such nation, there are too many limitations dissuading rice farmers from capitalizing on the obvious advantages.

What Somefun is doing with RIFAN, consequently, is brilliant. Maximising the production of rice will not only create employment and reduce rice importation, but also restore Nigeria’s reputation as a nation that knows to farm well and benefit from its labour.

Thus, one can only hail Somefun for setting the pace for economic growth and development in Nigeria. Geniuses are rare indeed, but when they show up, others have no choice except to bow their heads and follow. This is what Somefun represents currently: a spring to drive up hope and expectation.

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