Pacesetter: Another Milestone Project from Sanwo-Olu


Babajide Sanwo-Olu! Given enough time, this is a name that has the potential to reach the rest of Africa – and not because it has a pleasant ring. The governor of Lagos State is doing an incredible job at leading the people of the largest city in Africa towards true progress. Here is finally a governor that is as diligent as he is visionary, seeing enough of the gaps in the city’s development to bring about a revolution. So, having settled all accounts regarding primary and secondary education, Sanwo-Olu has moved to the next thing—trains.

Informed Lagosians seem to have gotten the better of the denizens of Milwaukee and Wisconsin in general. A few days ago, Sanwo-Olu arrived in the American city of Milwaukee and sealed the deal for the acquisition of two metro trains. Originally intended for one of the US’ high-speed rail lines, the trains at Sanwo-Olu’s behest are now headed to Lagos where they will be cherished and used properly.

While people from the US are glaring in the direction of Lagos, Lagosians are busy celebrating their luck in choosing the smartest governor possible. This is because outside of getting the best card at the hand of the innovative Americans, Sanwo-Olu has also ensured that the first metro system in West Africa will be mounted in Lagos.

For Sanwo-Olu, this is just another milestone that isn’t worth mentioning in the face of all the plans he has scribbled on his idea notes. For Lagosians and Nigerians in general, this ‘trivial’ milestone is a big deal, a very big deal.

It has to be said that Sanwo-Olu will be remembered for many things. Among these, his revitalisation of the education sector and transformation of the transport industry will likely top the list. Then again, he is not at all finished with his work. There is still much to marvel over, new milestones to reach.