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Insecurity: Nigeria Risks Disintegration, Says Clergy

Insecurity: Nigeria Risks Disintegration, Says Clergy

Omolabake Fasogbon

The Supreme Head of the Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria, His Most Eminence Somolon Alao, has expressed fear that Nigeria may be heading for disintegration given the depth of security challenges in the country.

He worried that if the challenges persist, Nigeria may end up like the defunct Soviet Union.

Alao, who spoke to journalists during his visit to the Chapel of Restoration of the Unification Church in Maba village in Ogun State recently, stated that Nigeria is already manifesting the indices that led to the disintegration of Soviet Union.

The cleric, therefore, urged Nigerians to avoid politics of bitterness, and rather, embrace peaceful coexistence to stem the tide of insecurity, especially as elections are drawing closer.

According to him, “2022 is going to be a difficult one for the country. Unless urgent steps are taken, Nigeria is going to go the Soviet Union way.

“The various security challenges will get out of hands and this will spell doom for the country. Nigeria cannot continue like this.

“One can barely move round any part of the country now without fear of being killed or kidnapped for huge ransom which was not the dream of the founders of this country. Moving between Lagos and Ibadan now is almost impossible because of fear of being killed or kidnapped.”

See what Niger State has been turned into; we cannot continue like this. Unless urgent steps are taken, then we can only talk about hope for Nigeria.”

Speaking further, Alao said he foresaw a situation whereby a minority president emerged in 2023 should elections hold, adding that a minority president would be a good option for the country.

He also commended the federal government for tagging bandits as terrorists, however, described the move as too late.

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