Temvert Consult Reinstates Commitment to Boosting Media Presence of SME’s


A Nigeria-based media consultancy company, Temvert Consult has declared its presence to help bridge the gap among businesses and media platforms by assisting businesses craving presence in the digital space.

This came about as a result of the findings which revealed that many businesses across the country which require a media presence possibly lacked the technical know-how to achieve such.

The media consultancy, currently situated at Akobo in Ibadan, the state capital of Oyo, where it will commence operation to enable a sustainable growth of small and large scale businesses as they selectively get connected to both national and international media space.

According to the CEO of the Company, Temitayo Olatunde, Temvert Consult came as a solution to the problems of digital presence locally and internationally for businesses noting that the essence of the firm is to serve as the channel linking various media platforms to the people.

He added that some of the services rendered by the consultancy firm include interviews, press coverage, advert and event promotion on any reputable media platform while managing personalities and campaigns as well.

The CEO further explained that the organisation, as part of its strategic plans, envisions empowering over 1000 youths by 2028.

Temitayo disclosed this in a statement where he stressed that, “We have many businesses that lack social media / mass media presence that actually affects the growth of their businesses in this digital era. In order to give businesses media presence, I came up with this solution.

“Temvert Consult is a media consultancy firm that consults for businesses, personalities on any media-related matters. We are the link between media platforms and the people. Most people don’t know how to promote themselves on reputable media, some even think it’s impossible. Our company will consult for them and render services such as interviews, press coverage, advert and event promotion on any reputable media platform. We also manage personalities and campaigns.”

“We will partner with more media platforms, both print, audio, visual and online nationally and internationally. Youths have opportunities to work with us remotely as social media managers for any of our clients. Our vision is to empower at least 1000 youths through our EARN at Ease Scheme.”