Who is After Senator Olamilekan Adeola?


When one considers the amount of damage that the media can wreak on a person’s image, one thinks long and hard before becoming a public person, celebrity, or whatever else sits within the limelight of the paparazzi. This is a lesson that Solomon Olamilekan Adeola (better known as Yayi) has learnt the hard way. Others started 2022 with contracts awaiting their signatures. Yayi had a scandal thrown at him.

Excluding the case of Desmond Elliot who became a politician after a good run acting in home movies, it is not very often that the two lines—politics and Nollywood—cross. Recently, however, Yayi has been forced into the rare role of a politician who has become bedfellows with a Nollywood actress. And the consequences are nothing to laugh at.

Reacting against these rumours, many people close to the Senator have declared the reports as false. According to them, such reports are coming from defeated rivals of Yayi who have nothing better to do but cook up unsavoury tales. Despite the denials, many people have gleefully begun to run with the tale, probably because of something they don’t like about Yayi or the actress in question.

That is another interesting aspect of the story—the actress.
All in all, there is something very fishy about the whole narrative. It looks as if someone is hiding in the background and throwing dry sticks at Yayi’s flames.